blueberry season is here!

we traveled to tontitown, a small country town known for its antique stores, italian food & deliciously plump blueberries. a beautiful combination.

we arrived early before the summer heat made its way to the farm.

we picked gallons of blueberries ready for baking, preserving & enjoying.

blueberry jam for biscuits & blueberry syrup for luke's delicious pancakes. we still have another gallon in the fridge- do you have any ideas?

we are finding our way around this place & beginning to feel a little more at home. thank you for all of your responses on feeling at home. i look forward to opening those boxes & hanging up favorite artwork, setting up my studio, & making comfortable nooks around our home.



onelonelyapricot said...

I've made these muffins twice already this year! If you like blueberry muffins, they are amazing.

1 1/2 c. flour (I use 1 c. whole wheat, 1/2 c. unbleached all purpose)
1/2 c. unbleached sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
2 tsp. baking powder
1/3 c. vegetable oil
1/4 c. water + 1 Tbsp. ground flax (or 1 egg)
1/3 c. milk (I use soy or almond, but dairy milk is fine also) + 1 tsp. vinegar (or you can just use straight buttermilk)
1 c. fresh blueberries
pinch of cinnamon

For muffins, bake at 400 degrees for 18-22 minutes.

There is also an optional crumb topping...I don't know the exact ratios, but I just throw together some earth balance (or butter), brown sugar, cinnamon, and flour, mix it together with a fork until crumbly, and sprinkle on top of the muffins before baking.

These are SO good! The recipe makes a dozen average sized muffins and they keep for about 3 days at room temperature.

Liz / Tangible Ingredients said...

gahhh those blueberries look scrumptious! and a beautiful blueberry dress to boot! i'm glad things are settling in for you two :)

bright lights, big cities said...

wow! this reminds me of my childhood! so happy to hear things are looking up! always ready to hear more!

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