wednesday love

hi, you! today is a good day.
+ listening to this
+eating this for breakfast (smitten kitchen, you are so good)
+love this
+watched this
+packing for here
+leaving tomorrow
+added him to our family

see you soon!


ALFIE said...

enjoy the ace! it's fabulous!

and thanks for all the links! loving them :)

so glad you're finding peace in your new space.

Liz / Tangible Ingredients said...

good day indeed! that song is on my summer mix, so cheerful.

Jess said...

so excited for your trip! can't wait to hear all about it. it's nice to get away right after moving, I bet. breaks up the newness a little bit. congrats on Basil, what a cutie. Finn saw his picture and is now asking me for a rabbit. : )

natalie said...

jess- the fact that finn can now ask you for a rabbit really blows my mind. he is a real person, oh my goodness :)

Modern Crush said...

Wednesday is beautiful...


Ness said...

Oh my goodness...The first of Robb and my MANY pets was a grey rabbit that we kept in our apartment (shhh...the landlord didn't know). His name was Foof. He was a darling pet, but he had a very bad habit of chewing the woodwork. Congrats on the wonderful source of fertilizer AND amusement : )

Luke Freeman said...

All three of us here in Fort Smith miss you--especially me. Home is not home without you here. But I am glad that I have a friendly dog and a cuddly rabbit to keep me company.

Love you!

another feather said...

that cobbler looks incredible! and that bunny is so sweet.
I just got back from seattle a month ago. such a great place to go. can't wait to see your photos. did you eat a local 360? It's my favorite!

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