many good things have happened this week & for that i am so thankful. i paid my first month of rent on an antique booth (!!!!) & luke is really enjoying his new job. overall it was a great first week of real life for us in our new home. we have some nice plans for the weekend- packing a picnic & swimming at the farm's lake, attending the farmer's market, picking up our first order of local goat's milk, & a few yard sales. well, i must get back to the kitchen... i am conquering my first whole chicken! (more on that, i promise)

do you have any plans for this beautiful weekend? cheers!



Luke Freeman said...

Natalie, I feel like we are both starting to really settle in here. Having our garden to tend to in the back yard really makes me feel like this is our home. I am tremendously excited for your antique booth. I know you will be so successful. You have an amazing eye for vintage treasures and display, plus the creativity to come up with something new. It warms my heart to see you get excited about your etsy and antique booth. I love you so much!


abby said...

I want to hear more about your antique booth! Really happy to hear you are feeling more at home. It is those kinds of life sustaining things that really settle us into our place I think - nurturing ourselves, sustaining ourselves, caring for our bodies (swimming in a lake? oh yeah!!). Good luck with your chicken! You 2 are so awesome.

Ronja said...

Hi Natalie,

reading your blog is something I really enjoy. I'm living in southern Germany, my family grows all the vegetables we eat in the garden behind our house.
The seeds we get in a special way and I'm interested if something similar exists in United States:
We buy them at a privat seed archive (Samenarchiv Oberfichtenm├╝hle, they don't have a homepage), the goal of that archive is to collect seeds that have been used in the past and pass them on, they don't make money with it. One little bag of any kind of seed is 1 € (plus shipping), but if you collect seeds of that plant in autumn and send the seeds back, the next time you receive new seeds in exchange for the seeds you sent. Of course you need to take care to don't contaminate the seeds. My mother is taking care of beans. We also have a huge variety of tomatoes at home, in all colours, also tomatoes that are more resistant to blight. Not because of genetic modification but because of selection over the decades.
I've just watche the movie Food inc. and it really scares me to hear and see what companies like Monsanto are doing.

bright lights, big cities said...

sounds amazing!

also, I think you should be making chicken noodle after this whole chicken business is over.... That's the best part of making a whole chicken. {the woman who taught me to sew, used to make it w/homemade noodles!!!}

Jess said...

YES, whole chickens! Yum. I am so excited about your antique booth - need more details, please. I'm excited about the swimming and the goat milk, too. I wish I could share this weekend with you! Today we ended up hiking to a waterfall, and played with the kids in the water until we were tired and hungry. We drove back down the mountain with the windows open, babies sleeping in the back. Very nice day. I have a little care package that I'm building for you, and will send it soon. I love you, girl, and you're doing great, finding the good in your new life.

natalie said...

hi, ronja- it is nice to hear from you! i am unaware of any system within the united states that is just like yours. we do have heirloom seeds, though. the company baker's creek offers a wide selection of seeds saved from throughout the world. & food inc. is an excellent documentary on the real truths of our current systems of health, agriculture & communities.

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