right now

+ enjoying every bit of summer

+ loving the new 3191 & excited for a year of sundays

+ picking freshly bloomed zinnias from the garden for the dinner table

+ preparing the freshest of meals & enjoying every delicious & perfectly ripen tomato

+ happy to have visited the goat farm that supplies our weekly raw milk. met some pretty cute chickens, too. a goat farm in our future? probably not.

+ ordered our first chicks! should arrive late september (!!)

+purchased this book as a guide. truly a book for beginners. i love it!

+ did you see the week of guest posts at tend?

+ & for some inspiration: amanda's kitchen will brighten anyone's day

+ off to make a delicious chocolate cake for luke's birthday this saturday! lets cross our fingers & hope it doesn't slip off the plate & onto the floor like last time. hah!


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Emily said...

That cake was still delicious even off the floor! What's all in that yummy looking basil pasta dish? Wish Luke a happy birthday from the Franks! Love you, lady!

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