weekend bits

happy monday! we celebrated luke's birthday with family this weekend. a trip to the farmer's market, the library, & an independent book shop {he chose this great book}. delicious late lunch, birthday cake & homemade ice cream to top it all off. oh yes, we also cannot forget the birthday run afterward.

can you feel summer beginning to fade? we woke up this morning to a darker haze & dew on the ground. we plan to savor every moment of the sweet summer days. i just love it all so much.



Luke Freeman said...

Great photos of the birthday weekend! I love the farmers market photos. Though I can't believe you posted a photo of me and Joel in our shorty-shorts.

Thanks for making the weekend so special!


shari said...

glad luke had a good birthday. perhaps you should post a review of seed to seed on tend.

abby said...

happy birthday Luke! I can indeed feel summer beginning to fade. Yet it is putting up a pretty fair fight here right now, with hot days and warmer nights (finally), which we are just loving so much.

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