chick love.

our little flock of five had their first afternoon outside. their personalities really came to life as some pecked at the kale & others hid behind our bucket of spent lettuce. such a wonderful saturday spent harvesting baskets of green beans & watching our little chicks. they sure are growing into their little chicken ways of pecking & scratching.

we have finally decided on names. drum roll, please! fennel, violet, fern, parsley & rosemary.
we just love them & our little backyard full of life.



Luke Freeman said...

I love our little adolescent chicks! I can't wait to see the young hens that they grow into.

heather smith jones said...

They grow so quickly don't they? What does Basil think of them?

thewindhover said...

they are positively lovely! Just think what adventures you'll all have!

bright lights, big cities said...

oh so cute!!

Jess said...

so sweet!

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