merry & bright

i cannot quite put my finger on exactly what made this holiday so magical, but it definitely has a lot to do with family. living close to family, seeing our grandparents, sleeping next to siblings under the tree {clothed in matching christmas pajamas, of course!}, celebrating birthdays {& forgetting the candles... 51-2 = 49, right?! hah!}, last minute handmade with lots of love gifts, taking a few moments to notice the sparkle, new plants added to our home for a bit more green, & a year of hardship with lots of unconditional love & understanding mixed in.

well, those might be a few of the reasons for the magic. i am in awe of the season among us. & oh, so thankful.



Anonymous said...

So precious! I am so thankful that you shared and delighted to be part of your family! We had the same indescribable magic this season. God is so good! May you and Luke have a wonderful New Year!

Jess said...

what a beautiful holiday you had! I love the tradition of sleeping under the tree. glad your holidays were so special, mine felt especially nice, too.

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