the first egg(s!)


i have been a nervous mama for days now- hovering over the coop, making sure the girls had a comfortable place to lay, enough straw, plenty of greens. most of my irrational thoughts went a little like this- "why aren't the girls laying? are they healthy? they seem happy! oh no! they will never lay an egg!"

after days of conversing with the girls, urging, even begging them to lay, i walked out to the coop on this cold & rainy afternoon to find a beautiful egg. just sitting there in the nesting box as it should. pure joy. i jumped! i screamed! i opened the door to thank them for their generosity & found another white & brown speckled egg in a far corner! our girls know us so well! an egg for each of their proud parents!

there is something so sacred, so magical about the intimacy of growing & tending to one's own food. i am thankful to take part in that magic. & for the everyday joy of finding an egg. or two.

tonight's dinner- salad topped with an egg.



abby said...

The first of many to come! So exciting!!

Elizabeth said...

how exciting! congratulations! i can't wait to have chickens someday :)

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