our evenings

it seems as though there is always something to be done in the evenings- a sink full of dirty dishes to wash, a bath tub to scrub, a garden bed to weed & a project to finish. thankfully, we have learned to make these daily tasks part of our evening routine. our evenings look a little like this...

we always take a moment to walk out to the garden & check on our animal first.
simply being outside helps us transition from work life into home life, a transition that is difficult for me to make most days. pulling a few weeds, giving the girls a handful of scratch or munching on a sugar snap always helps me to settle into a calmer rhythm.

a trip to the gym or an evening walk most nights.
we recently joined a gym & it has helped lift our moods tremendously. i like using the elliptical machine & taking the weekly zumba class. luke usually runs around the track & lifts some weights. when we have had an unusually long day, we take an evening walk around the block with our dog, huck.

make dinner together.
our budget doesn't allow for many dinners out & honestly we prefer dinners at home anyway. our meals are often made with fresh ingredients from our garden & the farmers' market so with a bit of chopping & a little sauteing, we have a meal in less than an hour. last night we made chinese "take out" fried rice {better than the real thing!} with a side of edamame & watermelon.

clean up.
luke is always responsible for washing dinner dishes & i do other odd jobs. sometimes i vacuum & other times i dust or pick-up. settling in for the evening is always more enjoyable with a clean home & we strive to make that happen every evening.

settle in with a good book or a show.
even if we are exhausted, we try to enjoy some real relaxation before bed. i try to avoid the internet in the evenings because i am online most of the day so a good book is always a great end to my day. right now i am reading the dirty life & luke is enjoying the art of fermentation, a new release from the wonderful katz. we also love watching new girl, the only show we ever really watch.

i miss our evenings spending time with friends at dinner parties & local cafes in our old town, but the rhythm we have found together in our new place is one that i am beginning to embrace.
how do you spend your time in the evenings?


Julia said...

what a great routine! i always start my evening with a long walk with freddie (usually about 30 minutes or so). then i check on my garden and pull a few weeds or water. then dinner and clean up. honestly, we're kind of finding our way to a new routine now that jared's done with school and will be home more. figuring all that out is something i'm REALLY looking forward to :)

(also, i love watching new girl too! it's totally silly, but i love it!)

Jess said...

what a lovely rhythm to you evening. I love that you take zumba classes - I still haven't tried one, but I also notice when I get to my gym class on mondays and thursday mornings that it sets a good positive tone for my whole day. my evening looks like this - cook dinner, eat with kids, Scott usually comes home after we've eaten, while I'm getting the kids ready for bed. he reads them stories and we tuck them in. then I do dishes, spend time watering my tiny garden, or walk Rufus, if he hasn't already been walked. then we settle in for books/shows. we love New Girl too, of course.

ALFIE said...

the comfort of friends is never to be forgotten--- but this simple, full, ebb and flow is priceless. i so admire the way you highlight the simplest, daily things.
in my world right now-- i find solace in watering the vegetables. feeding the birds. sipping coffee on the back steps. chasing my nephew. savoring poetry. and feeling breezes.

interested in the fermentation book!!

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