for the birds

these last few days have been spent doing a bit of last minute elfing. we have completed a few hand knit projects (except for that one to be completed on the car ride- oops!), wrapped gifts with twine &  packaged jams & butters just before leaving home for the holidays.

when inspiration strikes though, no matter the moment or time, we must act. especially for our dear grandparents (papa & grandma... do not read any further!).

above is one of the handful of sunflower bird feeders we made for each set of grandparents. the perfect gift for a lover of bird watching.

the how- to is very simple & takes only a few minutes. luke dried a basket full of sunflower heads he grew on the farm this summer. he drilled the hole while i collected found objects from our neighbor's yard & nearby trail. i tied a bundle of greenery, berries & a small pinecone with gardener's twine. i then tied the bundle to the string attached to the sunflower head to add a bit of color. tie a bow at the top & it can easily be hung from any bird feeder hook or branch. package in clear wrap with red twine & gift to a loved one!

in just a few minutes, we are road tripping home to visit with family & friends. our hearts are full of love as we reflect on the community we share both home & in this space. luke & i wish you a very merry christmas. thank you for follow along this year & the many more to come!


p.s. the winner of the homemade lavender hand salve is sherrie! her favorite handmade gift idea is...
"My favourite gift that I've made this year is a beeswax wood polish. I'm wrapping it prettily with a 
cutting board made by a local woodoworker and giving it to some great friends who love to cook."
please email me at natalie.j.freeman(at) to accept your gift!


Ella said...

aw Merry Christmas you guys! i love your beautiful and simple gifts. Enjoy! xo

Angela said...

Lovely gifts. I love your tag "Merry" wonder how you created it. Lovely basket!! Love love. You have a lovely blog!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Jess said...

those bird feeders are so lovely! so simple, natural and beautiful. I miss you guys!

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