homemade lavender toner

 i want to share with you one of my favorite skin care recipes- lavender toner. i have issues with my skin & breakouts are a regular occurrence. i followed my dermatologist's orders for several years, but my skin would continue to breakout with only a few days of clear skin. 

i finally decided to shed myself of those old routines & fully immerse myself into affordable, natural skin care products. i visited with my friend, emma- a farmer & natural skin care extraordinaire - & with a barter of photography for skin care products, i began my new, all-natural regimen. 

my skin has never been happier. i wake up with an even skin tone & breakout only a few days a month, which i credit to stress & lack of water intake.

of course, interested in this topic & all things homemade, i began to experiment with my own recipes & ingredients. i have yet to master the wonderful foamy-ness of emma's face wash & i will continue to support her no matter the recipes i create, but i made a comparable lavender toner that i would like to share with you today!

lavender skin toner
perfect for oily & normal skin types

- 1 heaping tablespoon lavender buds
- 1 cup witch hazel
- 8 drops lavender essential oil

- mason jar with lid
- bottle with cap, preferably dark for longer storage life
- funnel 
- cheesecloth

combine ingredients in a mason jar & screw on lid tightly. label jar with contents & date along with ready date (two weeks from the day you made the recipe). store in a dark, cool place for two weeks to steep.

each day, shake your toner vigorously. it should look like the photo above with tiny bubbles & foam.

after two weeks have passed, strain your lavender toner. wrap your cheesecloth around the funnel & place securely on top of the bottle. empty the toner into the bottle, allowing the liquid to pour into the bottle & your lavender buds to stay in the cheesecloth.

label your creation & store in your bathroom for daily use. no refrigeration is required & toner will last for up to six months.

to apply: after washing your face with a gentle face wash, apply the toner (approximately 1/2 teaspoon or so) using a cotton ball on your entire face, chin area & neck.



Jess said...

this sounds so refreshing! will you explain how you use it? just dab it on after washing face? I'm in the market for some new skin care stuff... I'd love to start making my own!

Denise said...

so easy - thanks for sharing!

natalie said...

jess, thanks for the suggestion. i just added the application tips. :)

Kelton said...

this looks really intriguing. i also have skin problems and i'm so sick of using those medications and washes from the store. thanks for sharing! and the new look of your blog looks great :)

Helen said...

This looks amazing but I am allergic to lavender! Can you think of another herb that might be able tobe substituted for it?

fawn & fern said...

Awesome! I never thought about infusing herbs into witch hazel for toner. I use the thayers rose witch hazel as a toner
& I love it! This would be great as a before bed alternative to promote some good rest : )

natalie said...

Helen, chamomile might be a good alternative!

Jen said...

I just started using the Thayer's Rose Witch Hazel about a week ago. Are you familiar with the Dr. Hauschka company at all? Their philosophy on skin care is very natural and gentle. For instance, at night you cleanse with a "press and roll" technique, no scrubbing, then press toner into your skin and do not apply an moisturizers or creams b/c while you sleep your skin needs to breath, eliminate, and regenerate and you don't want anything blocking that. (You should, however, put something around your eyes in the evenings.) It really evens out your skin. This toner made me think of it because they say to cleanse in a basin of lavender water in the evenings. I can't afford the products, but I have implemented their methods and they're very nurturing.

brittany snodgrass said...

does emma sell her face wash? i'd love to hear about this, too.

abby said...

oooh, I will try this! I have all the things needed aside from witch hazel. Adding it to my shop list now. Thank you, Natalie!

Helen, rosemary is also a great skin toning herb (and specifically for acne), and sage as well.

abby neal said...

Natalie this is just what I've been looking for. I also just trimmed my lavender plant today coincidentally...do you think the leaves are an acceptable substitution for the buds?

Anonymous said...

Do you use dried Lavender heads or fresh Lavender?
This looks great,cant wait to try :)

Sonja said...

Do you think I could infuse the lavender into rose water? I've been using it for a while and it does wonders for my irritated skin! I'd love to try combining the two...

Judy Peña said...

Can I do it with just witch hazel and lavender oil?

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