april goals

in april 2013, i will:
- celebrate
- travel
- create pillowcases


april, i cannot believe you are here - my favorite month! i am a spring chick, an april baby. i absolutely love celebrating birthdays because it's the perfect excuse to come together & celebrate the unique life of a special person. it is also a special time to reflect on the year & how you've grown into the person you are. this month i am turning 24 & celebrating with all of my loved ones (you're invited!) in our backyard! 

this month, i will also travel. travel to colorado for an artsy ladies retreat to meet an amazing group of dear online friends. i am nervous, scared, anxious, excited & thrilled at the opportunity to share life with these ladies in-person. i want to savor this adventure & soak up every moment of our weekend together!

this month, i will make pillowcases. i have thrifted several pillows over the last several months that have been stashed away in my "projects" corner of the studio. i want to make bright, happy pillowcases to use around our home in celebration of the arrival of spring & summer. i will do that this month!

what are some of your monthly goals? i love reading your thoughts!


Christina said...

My goals for this month are to make pasta with my pasta maker twice, read the book I received as a gift on how to make better use of my camera, plant my garden and most importantly, cut myself some slack.

Thank you so much for sharing your goals with everyone - they are so inspiring!

Best wishes to you!

Tine said...

I'm turning 24 too at the end of April. And I recognise the spring chick feeling. I'm extra happy when someone is born in Spring. I'm also very happy when someone is born in another season, but hmm, I really love Spring!

My goals for this month:
- Make slippers for my newborn niece
- Make a skirt, a mask and birthdaycrown for my godchild
- Finish my thesis
- Celebrate my birthday with people I love
- And try to relax in this busy period.

jessie said...

that yellow! ahhh..i love it :) i think i remembered you being an april bday gal! happy birthday month! hmm...i am coming up with april goals now. off the top of my head, which means straight out of my heart i have: 1. see those boys (still a goal/2013 resolution) 2. care for myself -- exercise, rest, ask for help 3. choose to make something or read (when the screens are calling my name)

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