our easter hike

this beautiful monday morning, i simply want to take a moment & soak in our beautiful easter hike. here is just a peek at the beauty right outside our door.

it was so refreshing to unplug for the afternoon & go for a hike. i was amazed by the bright new colors of this wonderful spring season. the waterfalls, mossy rocks, bright flora, lush ferns & wooded forests were inspiring & cleared my mind from the clutter of everyday life. with my favorites by my side, it was the perfect ending to a joyful weekend.

wishing you all a wonderful start to your week!
happy april!


Linn said...

I love these pictures! Nature has an amazing way of reducing stress and make you feel relaxed.

heather smith jones said...

Such lovely photographs too, Natalie. What is the yellow flowering shrub? Our forsythia just started blooming, but that looks like something else...

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