around here

amidst the crazy, there was still so much to celebrate & enjoy this week. some of the highlights...

+ i started couch to 5k with a girlfriend! we are training for the color run in august. i seriously hate running so this is a big step for me to even start. 
+ it's lettuce season! mixing bowls of salad for lunch, please.
+ i am in that crazy plant mode right now. slowly, i have been filling up our plant shelf with plants. the masterpiece is almost complete!
+ bike rides & date nights have been super needed & super loved this week. i love this guy so much.
+ i am slowly checking off my to do list for the upcoming block street block party happening this sunday. postcards, happy flags, coffee cup/mason jar cozies, garlands & more! if you're local, i would love to meet you!


{all of these photos were taken with my iphone. although i never intend to replace my blog's photos with iphone pictures, it's nice to share with you the "little moments" of life. my instagram name is nataliecreates if you would like to follow along!}


Anonymous said...

I always love your Instagram photos! What filter do you use to edit or another app? I love how all your photos are so cohesive!

Jen said...

My family - myself, my husband, and our two girls (6 & 7) are training for the color run in August also with the C25K. We're starting week 3 tonight. We're former athletes, but not runners, and the girls are our main cheerleaders. It's fun to do it as a family. New shoes help, too!

How do you care for all of your indoor plants? I can do outdoor fine, but I kill everything that crosses the threshold :(

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your "Today was a good day" poster? I have a friend that could really use that. What size is your. I love the typography of it. Thanks! Love your blog, too, btw. - joy

Ashlee jenna said...

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