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oh, it has been far too long since i was last here. where did the week go? our lives are changing in unexpected (& very exciting!) ways (that i will hopefully share soon!) & those many ways have left us tucked in bed a little earlier than usual from sheer exhaustion with a book in hand. sometimes we have to just rest!

our garden has been doing everything but resting. the many rain showers have left our yard bright green, lush, & full of life. the planter in the top photo was given to me by my papa before he passed away. this year, i am planting my favorite flowers & plants in remembrance of him. i miss him so much, but these little bits of his past life that he now shares with me are so comforting. 

i have also noticed how much i now rely on my iphone for daily photos. i hope to change that this summer by using my dslr more frequently. i really do love sharing my photos of our garden & chickens with you, but most of all, i love the visual journal i am able to keep throughout the years. our many gardens in all shapes & forms, the first ripe strawberry, where we planted our kale in such & such year, the swiss chard bounty, our battle with bermuda grass, the many pests that enjoy our garden just as much as we do... all of those visual snapshots help us to improve for the next year & remind us of the goodness of this season.

i would love to know - how do you keep a "journal" of your gardening happenings? 



Miriam said...

you have no idea how jealous I am of your garden, love. I love plants and green stuff in general (except in the form of brussel sprouts and spinach, I suppose I will forever stay a child), but I sadly live in a flat where there is no space for plants (except my little baby cactus). Our balcony gets blasted with sun all day. Anyway, great post, lovely photography, have a nice day!
Sincerely, Miriam

keltouche said...
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Kelton said...

i really love the picture of your herbs in pots. i used to have a little garden plot in the backyard but i moved into a small apartment this week and unfortunately have no place to grow things. so i'll just have to live vicariously through your garden journal! it's so beautiful!

janette g. said...

Well, I can very well relate to you in terms of capturing photographs using your iPhone. It's the gadget that I always have on my hand so if I think something is worth taking a picture, it's the one I used. I love your garden especially your strawberries. I hope I can also grow one. Keep rockin' with your journal Natalie!

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