june goals

in june 2013, i will:

- simplify
- soak up summer
- continue running


may was so much better than i could have ever expected. although i worked much more than i ever have in my entire life, it is so satisfying to look back on everything i accomplished & know i did it well. june will be even better! i can already feel a more relaxed pace in our home & at work. it's so nice. 

this june, i hope to simplify! i want to clean out our closets, clear away the clutter in my studio & sell those items we do not need. i also want to soak up this beautiful season. we have moved every single summer for the last six or so years. throughout those six years, i have looked forward rather than soaking up the now. regardless of how many to-do lists might be lingering in my thoughts as we prepare to move to the farm, i hope to savor this warm weather by going on at least one picnic with luke & inviting friends over to simply relax. finally, i want to keep running. i have been consistently running for almost a month now & i want to continue. i have never been a runner, but i am going to become one!

what are your june goals? please share!



Renee A. said...

Well,we just moved to our new smaller house a few months ago and have a garage full of stuff that doesn't fit iin our new home so we would like to clear that out so we can actually put our cars in it. :) I thought about having a garage sale to make money off all the stuff but sometimes that may just be an excuse to hold the stuff longer.Luckily many boxes are organized so that they are filled with things I definitely want to donate but there are many boxes that we are not even sure of what the movers put in them. :) I only hope I can resist bringing more stuff in the house...I have lived for 6 months without all those things so I can live without them forever.Once that clutter is gone from our lives,I'd like to start sewing,making soap,continue baking new things,improve my cooking,exercise more on my wii fit,use up all the stuff in the house that is taking up space like lotions and perfumes galore so that I can make room for natural products.I'm also hoping that we can sell our other house in Virginia where the market is so terrible....we had the hugest yard ever...1/2 acre with a pear tree,apple tree & rows of grapes but nobody wants to buy a house with a big yard our realtor says. :( Anyways,once that is sold (if ever) I would like to look to buy something cheaper that we can pay off super fast & has some yard and privacy...we now live in the seattle area where their is no such thing as yards and privacy. :( I also want to read some more books this year and find more hands on things to do with my three teen girls. :)

Little Red Motherhood said...

I love reading your goals Natalie they encourage me to think about my own monthly goals. Thank you again for the endless inspiration! xo

Shauna said...

Hi Natalie,

Great blog... you just featured my lentil curry on your budget grocery post, and that is how I found you, thanks for that btw, so glad you enjoy that dish. And CONGRATS on your new farm life! It's so dreamy (and sweaty) We have been working our smallholding for 4 years now, what a delightful life.

I was just thinking about my June goals, and I am really focused on eating wild foraged foods... It has always been an interest, and I am keen to include 1 wild foraged item into our food shed each day...

This week I have already made both dandelion and spruce tip jelly,stir fried horse tail, served dandelion leafs, and today we set out to gather wild rose petals for tea and jam!

Rachel Weaver said...

I just love your simple monthly goals. Such a great inspiration to stay focused and positive and lays improving.

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