camping & floating trip food ideas

i am wrapping up this week's camping trip tips with some food ideas. like i mentioned on wednesday's post, we made all of our food from one cast iron pan & large, sturdy cooking pot. during lunch time when we were still in mid-route on the water, i pre-made meals at home so clean up was very easy. 

we consider our camping & floating trips as vacation trips so we like to eat well. every morning & night we cooked on a small pop-up burner rented from the university recreational department or an open fire. these meal ingredients are suited for carrying in a medium-size cooler with ice & preparing in somewhat primitive conditions. here are some ideas for your next camping or floating trip:

1. most everyone enjoys a good hot dog while camping. we prefer to purchase all-natural, organic hot dogs for various reasons, & hot dogs are an excellent choice of protein when hiking or paddling. adults & kiddos alike love placing their hot dog on a stick above an open fire for cooking. this allows the whole family to get involved in the preparation of the evening's meal! paired with a couple of healthy sides & you have a delicious meal.

2. i found this idea on pinterest & it was a huge success. i chose to make a vegan pancake mix (replacing soy milk with almond & oil with applesauce) because we were eating the pancakes on the last day & i was worried that our ice would be melted at that point. i put the mix in an old ketchup bottle. it was so easy to squeeze out the pancakes that morning & add bananas. we ate our delicious, warm pancakes with a spoonful of peanut butter & a bit of maple syrup.

3. cheesy potatoes are a must on our outdoor trips. i always slice our potatoes in the food processor at home to avoid using a cutting board & knife on our trips. it makes for a lighter load. i simply place all of my potatoes in a ziplock bag & they are ready to go for that evening's meal.  

4. bacon & eggs are a must for breakfast while camping. we cooked the bacon in a cast iron skillet on our pop up burner & allowed to cool while we were scrambling the eggs. you can use a tortilla to make a wrap for a great on-the-go breakfast meal.

5. we love fresh vegetables for daily meals so why not bring them camping? we sliced up several summer squashes ahead of time at home & placed them in a ziplock bag. we cooked them with a bit of olive oil in our pot on the campfire griddle. it was delicious paired with the hot dogs.

6. we love making simple syrups at home & storing them in the fridge for whenever the desire to enjoy a light & refreshing drink may hit. a great alternative to water or coffee while camping is a bit of club soda & mint syrup (bonus- mint is growing in abundance right now!) you can find my recipe at helloluvvy, a wonderful new e-magazine that i just love & where i will be sharing a bit of my foodie passion. pack up your simple syrup in a mason jar & off you go on your camping adventures!

i would love to hear some of your favorite camping recipes so please share by commenting below!

i hope you enjoyed this week of camping tidbits! 

thank you to all of you who shared your favorite camping tips with us! i loved reading each one & made a little list for things we should bring on our next trip! the winner of wednesday's deodorant cream from happy homestead botanicals is megan rowell! i will email you soon!



Megan Rowell said...

I really want to try that mint syrup! I've been transitioning to mostly vegan meals so the pancakes look like a fun recipe to try too (the ketchup bottle, brilliant!). Thanks for another great camp-related post. I was thrilled when I got to the end and saw that I had won the give away. Yipee! So excited.

Jenny said...

These were really great ideas for camping food! I love that there are so many more options than just s'mores - although those are great too.

Anonymous said...

Love the pancake idea! We love making foil dinners...basically wrapping up hamburger meat with potatoes and fresh veggies, herbs, salt and pepper in extra sturdy tin foil and cooking them over coals. Delicious and easy to clean up too!

Jen said...

These are really great, yummy ideas. I for sure will be using some of them this summer!

Jen said...

I was also wondering a few things:

What do you fry up your eggs/potatoes in? Butter? Olive oil?

Do you do anything special to transport the eggs?

How much simple syrup do you mix into a glass of water/club soda?


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