september goals

in september 2013, i will:
- savor the rest of summer
- make new friends
- nest

in august, we moved & began the first stages of settling into our new home. i took a break from blogging for a couple of weeks to focus on my surroundings. i didn't set my mind to three specific goals for the month & i really felt it. i felt scattered & pulled in too many directions. september is already feeling much more balanced & focused.

in september, i will savor the end of summer. like most years, this summer just slipped by too quickly. for now, we are visiting the farmers' markets for big bouquets of zinnias, taking daily walks around the farm, harvesting overflowing baskets of summer vegetables & herbs, inviting friends over for evenings on the back porch & savoring this simple time.
this month i will connect with new friends. on a whim & without even checking my calendar, i signed up for a be crafty workshop in tulsa. i always love a good workshop that connects me with fellow crafters who have an online presence. it's exciting to meet fabulous women across the state who share your same passions. i am excited!... & a wee bit nervous!
finally, i plan to nest this month. there are so many projects that i want to do & with a budgeted amount, i plan to tackle a handful of those projects. i hope to share my progress this month!

what are your goals for the month of september? please share!


Rachel Weaver said...

Nesting and savoring the end of summer are both on my list; we just bought our first house this summer too. The third goal for me is to host a beautiful birthday party for my husband this month. I really want to make a habit of this practice. It is so good to focus.

Lori said...

To read more. ...and seeing your pictures of your cute house makes me want to change things up around my house and work on projects I have been thinking about for way too long!

fawn & fern said...

the bokeh in that picture is beauttttifulllll! can't wait to see you in two weeks!

Anonymous said...

-wake up earlier
-restart my couch to 5k
-try to finish the majority of paperwork so that I relax while I am home
-add some affordable seasonal changes for our home

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