a crafty autumn porch!

a couple of evenings ago i felt the great desire to make something. does that sometimes happen to you? you feel a bit anxious, unable to slow down those creative wheels that are turning.

using what i had on hand, i hot glued, threaded knitted & decorated until my little heart was content.

i found the polka dot pumpkin DIY on pinterest & quickly got to crafting. i just love love love how it turned out! it's a cheery addition to our front porch. 

i also made this wreath completely inspired by this wreath i also found on pinterest. oh, pinterest! how i love thee. 

i'm not much for purchasing holiday decor, aside from the sweet ceramic handmade pumpkin above, but i do love creating it. now our porch is (finally!) ready for fall.

what are some diy projects you've completed recently? i'd also love to see some fun holiday crafts!


Danielle said...

I felt that way recently, although the result wasn't crafty, it was a watercolor of a mini pumpkin and flowers. With 3 kids and homeschooling it can be hard for me to make time being creative for myself!

Rachel Weaver said...

Always inspiring- to make beauty without spending dollars.

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