october goals

in october 2013, i will:

- save & not spend
- prioritize dinner
- make pesto

september was wonderful. we took a little road trip to oklahoma where i met an amazing group of incredible women. we also hosted a farmwarming for our dear family & closest friends. we even checked off some of those home improvement projects from our list. 

i know october will be even better. this month is full of some amazing stuff. i am packing up next week & heading to war eagle crafts fair, a wonderful tradition for the women of my family. we're also hosting a handful of friends at our house for exciting autumn festivities. i'll be gearing up for craft shows & the holidays in an effort to make some of our gifts.

this month, as we spend time with family & friends, i'd like to stay mindful of where i put my money. aside from some exceptions that i have already saved up for, such as the trip with my family, i hope to save rather than spend money. our budget is always tight & especially now that i am awaiting a paycheck due to the government shutdown.

additionally, i will prioritize dinner. we've had some pretty lousy dinners recently so i hope to get back in the swing of things. i always meal plan, but i hope to incorporate more of our garden bounty into our meals. of course, this requires extra planning, but this month i hope to take time for dinner prepping & making in order to save more.

finally, let's bring on the pesto. we have bushes of basil growing just out our front door & i hope to freeze jars & bags full of pesto this month. 

happy october, friends!


Anonymous said...

Great goals for a great month! Happy October!

Anonymous said...

you're so lucky to still be able to reap the benefits of your garden this late in the year! happy october, hope it's wonderful.

HomeCollection. said...

i need to follow your goals..!
i've tried to do the same, monthly goals, at the beginning of 2013. impossible to keep them :-/ !!

sara f said...

inspired by your monthly goals i started my own this month :)


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