one year of loss & gain.

one year ago today my papa passed on. 

in this year, my brother has had papa's first great grandchild, oliver. oliver is named after his papa. oh, the light oliver has brought this year. little oliver has brightened my nanny's days more than he will ever know.

in this year, we also bought our farm. papa & nanny used to grow a large garden in their backyard. they would bring us plastic bags full of the biggest tomatoes i have ever seen. i remember when luke & i showed papa & nanny our home garden. i've never seen him more proud of us & our accomplishments. i know he would love our farm.

i still mourn the loss of my papa & his presence in our lives. a loving man who knew how to paint & make furniture from scratch. he was such a stubborn man (i get that from him) & i loved how he called me "sweetie." 

i sometimes feel his presence in the backseat of my car when i am driving alone on our dirt road toward home. i am confident he is still with us sharing in the daily gain & loss of life. 

papa, you are loved. we miss you today & always.


emcr1229 said...

What a touching tribute, to a wonderful man.

linda hads said...

wow, you look exactly like your grandma!

Angela said...

this is a precious post...miss my grandmother so so much. i cherish those moments when you suddenly realize that person seems to be right there with you. sometimes it's a smell, maybe a vision pops in my thoughts out of nowhere. it's so sweet.

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