my mom's 50th birthday party

this weekend we surprised my momma with a 50th birthday party!

it was so much fun. family & long time friends were there to celebrate my mom's big milestone. she's the spunkiest, brightest, most thoughtful woman i know. instead of the typical "over the hill" decor, we decorated with a bit of handmade & lots of sparkle. 

i had a blast putting together the decor for the party, including these bouquets. i purchased the flowers from sam's club & added a few succulents from our house plants (simply hot glue vintage ribbon to a mason jar to get the same look).

i loved making these paper flags. i used card stock leftover from other projects & hot glued them onto wooden sticks. 

i made the pom pom flowers, too. you can purchase them from steph loves ben in a variety of stunning colors.

i also made cute little cupcake toppers for her cupcakes. such a simple projects! using a paper cutter, i cut out the scalloped circles. i stamped "50" onto the circles & hot glued them to toothpicks. bless the hot glue gun! can i get an amen?

my sister-in-law made the cupcakes & they turned out great. carrot cake with cream cheese frosting... delicious!

we added a few more handmade touches (the garland at the top & the glittery 50) and added old photos of my mom to the table. it was a wonderful time filled with family & friends, good food & sweet memories.

i love you, mom! happy 50th birthday! (she doesn't look 50 at all!!!)


Sarah Frost said...

So so cute!! I am having a girlfriends birthday get together soon and want to make the cupcake toppers! Where did you get the fabulous scrapbook paper? I cannot find these pretty little prints!


natalie said...

sarah, i got the paper from target, i believe. in their crafting section among a small pad of paper. have fun!!

Sheila Johnson said...

so festive and sweet. and, totally, you and your mama could be sisters!

Aneta Nina said...

so pretty and I am sure your mom felt so loved by it all!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful celebration. Thanks for sharing!

Khala @ The Birdie Bowl said...

Gorgeous! Great job, girl! Love those special touches! xo

Brittainy @ Tune My Heart said...

All the details are beautiful and so thoughtful! :) I'll definitely be borrowing some of these ideas for my mamma's upcoming birthday! I especially love the lace jars and glittery "50"! ❤️

Susan said...

What a lovely party! I'm sure your mom will remember the love and time that went into you honoring her in this special way! Cheers!!

Kerry @ Made For Real said...

I'm officially addicted to your blog (it took one day) and realized I'm just 10 yrs younger than your mom! She seems so young and I feel so old, lol... The party looks fab. Love your ideas. xo happy weekend!

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