the best birthday

on friday we celebrated my 25th birthday. i remember sharing my 20th birthday in this space. that's a lot of living here with all of you. thank you for following along!

birthdays are a big deal in our family. it's the simple details that we celebrate - birthday messages on our big chalkboard, a fresh bouquet of flowers & a homemade card. luke always does such a beautiful job. do you see his card he made me? he's my handy man & artist. 

this year i asked for one big gift. using the money we had saved along with birthday money from our generous family, i wanted to paint the exterior brick on our house. since moving in i have wanted to do this. i didn't want a party or a big celebration. i just wanted a whole day to paint our house. 

of course, the project was more like several days & around 16 total hours of labor. i'll share more about this home improvement adventure soon, but let's just say, luke is one amazing man. he and my wonderful mom spent hours with me on saturday painting the house. let's not mention power-washing the entire house two days before & taping every single window & door the day before. they love me.

& then on sunday my dear friend & running buddy, kara, invited us over for dinner. except it wasn't just dinner; it was a huge surprise party full of all of my favorite people! it took every bit of me to not tear up like a crazy lady when i saw all of my friends & family shouting, "surprise!" it's top ten in my favorite life moments.

luke & kara coordinated everything. my sister-in-law made cupcakes & friends brought dishes. everyone showered me with the sweetest gifts. my heart is filled to the brim, friends.


Anna @ A Good Home said...

So glad you had such a wonderful celebration! I love painted brick, too, so I can't wait to see more pictures! Happy, happy birthday.

Jess said...

I just got tears in my eyes reading this, and seeing pictures of you. I miss you dear friend, and am so happy you got exactly what you wanted. You are so loved, and so lovely. Happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Natalie.

Anonymous said...

The smile on your face and Luke's grin at your surprise is so precious :) Happy birthday!

Holly said...

Your party was so much fun! I was amazed they pulled it off and everything was really lovely!

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