teacher gift idea - diy mason jar to-go cups

i absolutely love creating little goodies for those who bless & serve others. i happen to know some incredible women who volunteer in the school garden where i work. at the end of our spring semester with our students, i gifted these little mason jar to-go cups full of goodies to them. they were a huge hit so i thought i'd share a simple tutorial of how i made them. if you're searching for an inexpensive teachers gift idea, this is perfect!

i squealed when i found these regular mouth ball mason jar lids & straws at target. they're less than $5 for 4 sets at the store so don't be fooled by amazon's expensive price tag. 

i grabbed two regular mouth mason jars from my canning cupboard & filled them with goodies - crinkly strips of colorful paper from target, chocolates & caramel. every amazing person who serves needs chocolate - can i get an amen?! 

i dug through my scrapbooking goodies & made tags with card stock. i added a cute initial sticker to personalize each of their gifts. i wrapped the mason jar with strips of fabric cut into ribbon & hung the tag with string. i added a little thank you card from white willow grove (giveaway coming soon!) & a little glitter clothespin for an extra pop of cute. 

do you have any fabulous & inexpensive volunteer or teacher gift ideas? please share!


emcr1229 said...

What a fabulous idea. I might try this for end of year gift in a few weeks

Kristiane Webb said...

I love this, Natalie! What section of Target did you find these lids?! Thanks for sharing! :)

natalie said...

kristiane, i found them in the kitchen section!

Kristiane Webb said...

Awesome! Thank you Natalie! I will look at my Target for some because those are AWESOME (and affordable!) gifts, especially since I always have a ton of mason jars around. :)

Madelyn R said...

These are ADORABLE! Gotta love a good mason jar project. Thanks for sharing.

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