blueberry season is here!

hip hip hooray for blueberry season! 

every year we take full advantage of blueberry season. we jump in the car & head to our favorite u-pick blueberry farm, sta-n-step. this year i brought along some of the families from our church. even the littles can harvest blueberries! 

among the rows of blueberry bushes, we snacked on fresh blueberries & harvested gallons for the taking. we talked as we picked & absorbed the incredible landscape around us.

do you visit u-pick farms during the summer? 


what are some of your favorite recipes for enjoying blueberries? 

we love eating them fresh & freezing them for smoothies throughout the year. i am also experimenting with a grain-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free muffin recipe. if it's successful, i'll make sure to share the recipe!


Aimee said...

We love blueberry picking every year. Ours *just* opened for the season but I haven't been over there yet this year. They are organic and only $1.25/lb. We freeze them and use them in smoothies, pancakes, and muffins throughout the year.

Vanessa said...

This was a beautiful day in the life of our family and you did that for us! I am so thankful for you.

Your muffin experiment was FABULOUS. I was super impressed! Thank you for blogging this so I can show my family. You are something special, Girlfriend!

Marion said...

Blueberries, blueberries... with greek yoghurt and homemade granola!

Caitlin | belong with wildflowers said...

What lovely photos from your fun day! My boyfriend + I visit you-pick farms every harvest season, and adore being able to take part while we wait for our own farming dreams to come true. Last time I went blueberry picking, I made blueberry oatmeal scones + blueberry coffee cake (both recipes are on my blog). The possibilities are endless!

erin said...

Meg Duerksen's blog has a FABULOUS recipe for Blueberry Buckle. I made it for 4th of July last year and the fam LOVED it.

Skapt said...

Our blueberry season hasn't started yet, but we are in the thick of raspberries and strawberries! This year we'll be picking at a huge, local farm we've never been to before. Can't wait!!

Mother B said...

Natalie..this was a fun post to read and see. You and my grandkids are "kinda" AWESOME ! ! !

growntocook said...

Lovely photos! Here in Europe we mostly pick blueberries in the wild - they are smaller and picking takes a lot of time, but I enjoy spending time in the woods. Plus foraging is so much fun - almost too good to be true that you can just pick all the wonderful fruits for free! This blueberry kuchen is a classic and a family favorite: but those blueberry cinnamon rolls were a hit too:

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