in our garden

on wednesday, over at tend, i shared the progress we are making on our 1,000 sq. ft garden. it's amazing how much goes unnoticed, in terms of growth, unless it's captured in photograph.

here's our garden just eight weeks ago:

here's our garden this week:

june 18th, 2014

isn't that so amazing? i was blown away when scrolling through instagram late one night & i came across that first photo & the date.

that's why i love amanda soule's practice of capturing her garden & it's changes each week. it's proof that the little spare moments we have between this & that to weed, water & love really do add up to something much bigger than ourselves. 

i thought i'd take you on a little tour of our current garden happenings...

we're harvesting bags full of basil for farm customers. our cucumbers have yet to grow up our trellis. that's another project for another day, yes?

we grew some of the most beautiful cabbage this year. luke has big plans for jars of kimchi & sauerkraut. our annual flowers are doing so well. the only change i will make for next year is to plant zinnas in front of the road. they're covered up by our giant sunflowers!

we're slowly adding homemade tomato cages to each of our 48 tomato plants. i insisted on a garden full of tomatoes for putting up jars of homegrown goodness. our perennial flower bed is just stunning. this is truly the garden of my dreams.

here are a few of my other favorite gardens & gardeners:

- i love elise's approach to gardening. she started with containers & has since moved up to raised beds. her approach is simple & invites others to dig in!

what are some of your favorite gardens? are you capturing the progress of your garden? please share! leave a link in the comments so we can all see!


Tonya said...

I love your garden! I dream of having this one day.

erin said...

loved looking through all your garden-y links...and yes, i looked at every last one of them :)

next year, i WILL have a garden!!!

Kim said...

I have been looking for a way to ask you a gardening question but do not see your email address. So, I am hoping leaving my question here will work. Will you leave your tomato plants in the ground until the first the hopes that they will produce a fall crop? Or,will you be planting new fall tomato plants?

natalie said...

kim, you can always email me at natalie.j.freeman(at) ... but yes! we will allow these tomatoes to produce until the frost.

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