our 2014 summer manifesto

during the dark & chilly days of this past winter season, it was so much fun to check off our winter list. we made the most of time indoors with potlucks, hot cocoa & knitting. inspired by our winter list, luke & i made a summer manifesto for the upcoming months!

i am so thankful we are not moving this summer. we have moved every. single. summer. for the last seven years. that kind of moving gets exhausting. instead of sitting poolside, we're usually packing boxes & hauling furniture. hands to the heavens, we're staying put this summer (& many, many more to come)!! this summer i intend to slow down & enjoy the best of what these long, warm days have to offer.

our 2014 summer manifesto:
- ride bikes on the trails 
- grow a garden
- picnic in the park
- go to the beach
- drive-in movie
- make eggplant parmesan
- host a canning workshop (august 16th... more to come, friends!)
- go swimming (at least once a week)
- watch fireworks
- brew tour by bicycle
- grill out on the patio
- host a summer farm party with friends
- make homemade ice cream
- gift neighbors with baskets of garden-grown vegetables
- make refrigerator pickles
- go camping
- attend outdoor concerts in gulley park
- make s'mores around the fire pit
- make pesto
- drink homemade pineapple lemonade
- sit on the porch just because
- take many trips to the lake
- visit the farmers' market as much as possible

how do you celebrate summer? i'd love to read what you have planned!


Caitlin said...

Your summer manifesto sounds great! I like the idea of placing the manifesto somewhere it can be seen daily, and not forgotten about :)

PS - Your handwriting is so pretty!

Unknown said...

Ahhh Natalie, just so happy I found your blog today! I am also in the habit of moving every 6 months, and I'm heading to Berlin next.

I LOVE this list! Great idea to make a summer manifesto, mine looks a little like this:

*ride my bike around Berlin
*take photos
*write words
*learn German
*figure out how to grow vegetables in a city

I love how you've made your list as the main focus of your room, it looks so cool on the chalkboard. I look forward to following your summer adventures.

Katie. X

S Miller said...

Went to my first drive-in this week! It was a lot of fun... until my car battery died! Next time I'll be sure to bring a separate fm radio :o !

Sus said...

I'm happy to join for eggplant Parmesan. I'll bring a side of fried okra!

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