the cleaning power of thirty minutes

i'm that disorganized, dysfunctional girl. i roll my eyes at the women with their little clipboards, color-coded pens & cleaning schedules.  i mean, who follows a cleaning schedule? (don't answer that)

five tips to clean your entire house in thirty seconds
ten ways to mop so well you replace your fancy china with the kitchen floors instead
fifteen cute pinterest housecleaning checklists that make cleaning the house as fun as a night out
twenty five ways to make you feel less than so others can stare at you in pity

and so it goes, as we prepared for our upcoming vacation, i started a check list of to do's before leaving. just as i would check off a to-do, ten new items would magically appear on the list. 

in a moment of desperation & self-pity, i decided to set my timer for thirty minutes. 

our house was a disaster. 

what could i really do in thirty minutes? perhaps those highly organized women with their fancy office supplies were on to something...

here's proof of the mess (edited to reveal pretty light & hide the dirt/smudges/fur balls caked/smeared/floating on every & all surfaces):

with a trash bag in hand & a basket at the ready, i set the timer for thirty minutes.

my results:

a made bed.

clutter picked up & in it's designated place.

groceries unpacked & put away, canning supplies organized & life in a manageable state.

i didn't have time to sweep the floors, scrub the pots or clean the counters. my house was definitely not martha stewart approved.

but that thirty minutes was well spent & put me at ease.

we don't have to be that woman with her regimented cleaning schedule & highly organized life. i promise you, i'll fail at being her. 

but we can acknowledge the power of a well-spent handful of minutes focused & oriented toward cleaning up the mess of life. we don't always have to choose this path because sometimes a mindless half hour of facebook is good for the soul, but being intentional about how we spend our time can make a big difference in how we enjoy our time.

i plan to practice this thirty minute cleaning session in my daily rhythm.  i'd love to know - how do you manage the dirt, grime & chaos of home? 


Lauren Hooker said...

I love this. Thank you for your refreshing honesty and encouragement! I think I'll go set my timer now :)

Kristin Eldridge said...

Good idea!

Stephanie said...

Awesome. I usually try to get as much done while my kettle heats up and my tea steeps. Its amazing what I can do in the 4 minutes it takes for it to steep. :) I love your house, even messy. thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

Thank you for your encouragement on intentional time. I spend too much time dreading the clean up..... and not enough time just tackling it. Love your perspective!

Mrs. Hoadley said...

Great post! Thank you for posting real photos of a real house, I swear my house looks like a team of frat boys lives here. I'm trying the 30 min timer!

Madelyn said...

I love how real this post is! Thanks for sharing!

Alicia A. said...

I am an avid believer in the 30 minute power tidy. I try to do it before bed every night, so that I can start the next morning on the right foot.

Sara said...

I usually pick up at night before bed - but I've gotten better about my own expectations for our home. I need the sign that says "Excuse the mess. We live here" that is floating all over Pinterest :)

Anonymous said...

The power of 30 minutes eh. With a little one to take care of now I often find these 'sprint' type times my most productive! Today in 30 minutes I decluttered and reorganised our junk drawer - we all have one, at least I hope we do and it isn't just me. Haha!

I love your realness in this post!
Bits & Bobs

Amanda - Small Home Big Start said...

I did the same thing the other night - our place was a mess and I couldn't think straight. I decided to spent the last 20 or so minutes before bed just tidying up as much as I could. I'm so glad I did because the next day after work we had unexpected company. Phew!

I love your idea of using a timer! I need to get in a regular habit of doing this, or using the time when I have the oven timer on waiting for dinner to get something accomplished! Thanks Natalie!

Karen said...

Hi Natalie, I have just discovered your wonderful blog! I will be a frequent visitor I'm sure, your farm and home and photos are just lovely.
The results of you 30 minute clean- up post are great - enjoy that you are authentic enough to share the "before" photos! I am not a neat freak by any means BUT I have established this habit of keeping the kitchen and main rooms nice and tidy - with 5 people and 2 cats there is plenty of stuff flying around & unexpected visitors are often! Why decorate and have a cute house when everything is a mess!?! A quick 10-30 minutes makes a world of difference. Have a lovely day, xo Karen

Anonymous said...

I adore you blog! If you have time to respond I would love to ask...where did you find the wood you have there on your wall? I'm thinking of a project that calls for wood just like that and I was wondering where I might find it. I LOVE it. I love all things you do in your lovely home. would you be able to send a quick email?

vmcarnevale said...

I love the "10-minute refresh." I work from home on a computer all day, so I take ten-minute breaks and pick one area to pick up--something doable in just ten minutes. It gives my brain a break and by the end of the day my house is clean!

Kathrine said...

I do the same! If my house looks like a complete mess in every room (which it always does in summer when I'm spending all my free time outside) I break the to do-list down into 30mins cleaning frenzies. Come to think of it, I get SO much done in 5min with alarm set than I do if I have the whole day with no clear idea of the time frame. Works wonders!

Holly said...

Yep, timers are where it's at.

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