our beach vacation 2014: the best of anna maria island, florida

almost six months ago, we began planning our summer vacation to anna maria island, florida. 

we coordinated with our friends, set a date centered around our 5 year anniversary, created a budget & saved our pennies. 

it was the best decision we've ever made.

we relaxed to the max, y'all. 

i'll spare you the details of early morning sea shell hunting, homemade drinks prepared at our adorable beach side cottage, perfect sunsets, books read while listening to the crashing waves & the pure bliss of seven days in heaven.

today's all about photos & the hot spots/activities you must visit/do if you ever find yourself on the island...

play: rent bicycles & ride the length of the island, purchase a hammock & read in the trees, drink wine on the beach, morning yoga on thursdays at bradenton beach,
 watch the sunset at the tip of anna maria island

shop: visit downtown anna maria & their sweet little shops, stop by the sea hagg & gather bits of whimsical inspiration

anna maria island stole our hearts. we cannot wait to visit this little piece of paradise again.


Msmoozys Open House said...

Love this, what great pictures. I have been following on Instagram and have enjoyed seeing your trip. Thanks for sharing, have a great week. :-)

Deeapaulitan said...

Nat, can you give us a few more details? What cottages did you stay in? How much were they? Is there an area of the island that is best for shell seeking? Your best meal?

Anonymous said...

It looks absolutely beautiful there! I bet you was might refreshed by the end of the holiday - thanks for sharing!
Bits & Bobs

Amanda Buck said...

Love all the pics on this adorable blog of yours:-)

Erin Ervin said...

Lovely pictures! It looks so refreshing. I have never been to the sea...I need to go sometime soon!

Thais Pereira said...

This is the first time that I read your blog and I'm really loving it :)

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