fall mantel inspiration + autumn bucket list giveaway!

it's almost autumn, but around these parts, we're seeing little hints already. 

we have begun collecting wood for our winter wood stove & wrapping ourselves in blankets during the evening hours. the days are cool, which our garden & animals really love, & that warm autumn light is absolutely magical. 

hints of autumn also mean autumn mantels.

...pumpkins, happy flags, red & orange tones, bright leaves & whatever else might strike my fancy.

i keep a little basket in our guest bedroom closet of seasonal decor. it's so exciting to pull out my little bits of festive goodies to decorate our home for the seasons.

i have become a big fan of clipboards. if you've stuck around for long enough, you know this.

my dear friend, sara of the rosy life, gifted me this print. i clipped it to one of my favorite rusty clipboards & placed it on our mantel. it's the focal point of our decor & the best reminder of the good stuff about autumn.

i now want to curl up with a book & rest next to the cozy fire, yes? grab me a slice of that homemade apple pie while you're up! 

sweet sara is offering up one of her autumn bucket list prints from her rosy life etsy shop to a natalie creates reader! 

it's simple to enter this giveaway...
1. check out sara's shop & browse a bit. what's your favorite print in her shop?
2. leave a comment with your email address & one activity you plan to add to your autumn bucket list this season!
3. follow sara on instagram @therosylifeblog

happy winning, friends! 

 p.s. sara is offering 20% off in her shop with the code "ROSYLOVE20." grab yourself a print right now, y'all!

-- giveaway closed! congrats to elizabeth for winning! sara will contact you soon! --


Ariel Heck said...

Love her fall&autumn leaves print. I can wait to take my son to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch!

Emily said...

I plan on crafting this autumn with my little one!! emilyagley@gmail.com

Sugar Plum Eats said...

Loving your pompoms on sticks. A beautiful display.

Open Roads Mama said...

I refuse to let the summer go, still! :) I saw some pumpkins for sale at the store and thought, no way, not yet! As much as I love Fall, I'm just not ready yet, we've had the most beautiful summer weather this year and I'm holding on tight to it! :)
Love your Fall list on display, beautiful!

Open Roads Mama said...

In the shop, I love the "Inspirational quote photo print" - how beautiful, and true!

pballard said...

I love going to several pumpkin patches with my granddaughter. Lovely giveaway. Following on instagram. I love the Inspirational Quote Photo Print!

Anna Rosenzweig said...

I love the "give thanks" print! and I can't wait to make pumpkin bread!

Aimee said...

Fall and Autumn leaves print!
Soon we'll go apple picking and make lots of applesauce. And also host an Autumn potluck with local friends.

Sarah Hale said...

love the autumn print. I can't wait to drink a lot of apple cider and warm lattes!! I love fall :)


Anonymous said...

I love her work!! This autumn print is awesome!!! I am looking at the "with God all things are possible" print to get for my daughter:) kahwingate@yahoo.com

erin said...

i love her print with the walter mitty quote...but this fall bucket list is pretty fabulous, too!
this fall...i want to "let go"...i want to rest and relax more. i NEED to do this.


C Trimble said...

I love the hand painted banner. So happy! Can't wait to get out my sweaters!
tctrimble@ aol.com

e l i z a b e t h said...

I really like her work! I do mixed-media stuff myself and have always loved the style. My favorite of hers is the Runaway print!

We have a one year old so I would like to start taking him to the same orchard every year as he grows up!


Holly said...

Beautiful life is my fave. I like flags and flowers too. U have my email and I've been following rosy life on ig for a long time because of you.

Jenny said...

I love the clipboard idea! I need to do this with mine.

I love the Hello High Hopes print - trees & hearts, two of my favorite things. I hope I win it!

Kara K said...

The mixed media art with fall and autumn leaves is cute stuff!
We've got big plans for apple picking this weekend and canning homemade applesauce!

Anonymous said...

Love the fall list! I think apple pie tops my list...major pregnant craving right now! :)

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