gift basket idea for the gal pals

sometimes life's rough & we just need a good ol' perk-me-up gift basket from our girls.

can i get an amen?

if you don't already keep a basket or box of little last minute, quick gifts - do it. 

i keep my basket of little gifts in my guest bedroom closet. i pick up things here & there that tickle my fancy or are on clearance for a great price. when i need a gift, i look through my basket & pick out items that would fit that person's interests & style. 

this is perfect for those moments when you feel the urge to give but you don't have the budget or the time to run to target. 

when my gal pal mentioned that she was going through a particularly challenging season, my tribe of lady friends pitched in a couple of dollars each & we made her this basket. we included a bottle of izze & straws, nail polish, a cinnamon roll & a bouquet of flowers to add a bit of happy to her day. 

i even re-used the colorful izze box, which is just the cutest. from trash to treasure, i say. 

a bit of crinkly turquoise paper from amanda's shop along with sequins, gold, a clothespin & the perfect card to reminder her that she is indeed "beauty full."

this little package came together in just a handful of minutes & brightened her day!

how do you love on your gal pals? i'd love to read your ideas!


lisa said...

That basket is super cute. And I have to say - I just love your branding. It works so well for what you do (discovered your blog quite recently and love it).

Anyway, I'm big on giving my girlfriends a phone call when they're in need of some extra cheering up. Or I like to meet up with them to go out for coffee or tea.

Jennifer said...

Love all your gift ideas! Gift giving is definitely my love language, and when I hear someone is having a rough time, my first thought is to send them a care package or make them some cookies or muffins :)

Alison said...

Love the idea of using the cute, bottle packaging as the "basket". I am a bit of a word person so I love to give and receive a handwritten note in the old fashioned mail as a way to love on someone.

Kylie said...

I have some amazing friends and we love our just-because-gift-giving. We established "fake birthdays" each season. We would get together and share a small gift, but most importantly we shared a fancy home cooked meal and our time. It was wonderful.

For Christmas we were all given the task of answering some questions about what we admired about our friends, our favourite memories and our prayers for them. The answers were collated and each person received a decorated jar with the responses about them included inside. It was a brilliant present and I always pull it out when I'm having a rough day.

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet and thoughtful idea!

Anonymous said...

I sure love visiting your blog. You have such a gift! You really inspire perfect strangers even.

michele l said...

beautiful inspiration! it's so worth taking extra moments & resources to pour out love. thanks for ideas & encouragement!

Natanya Bittman said...

Love this idea. And it reminds me of my mom's "gift dresser" - she would stock up on little presents here and there to have on hand when she went to a dinner party or came upon an unexpected birthday of a new friend. She always had a gift to share. I think I may need to start a gift drawer of my own :)

Natalie said...

I love this idea! I am an avid snail mailer, and I think this should be my next step of showing love for my friends!

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