weekend snapshots

just stopping by to say hello on this busy monday morning!

this weekend was full in all of the right ways. 

we harvested greens from the garden along with summer's tomatoes & bell peppers. 

we cleaned up our guest room just in time for two sets of visitors!

we hosted three little ones & their mama. we made waffles, colored, read books & finished puzzles.

little packages for our guests are my favorite (details & blog post coming soon!).

& as always, lots of eating. homemade pizzas, salad from the garden, pintos & bacon, cornbread & so much more.

not shown:
- farm party & live folk music with dear friends
- a visit to my favorite coffee shop for their signature delight espresso.
- thrift shops & flea markets galore
- deep cleaning the laundry room (oh so fun!)
- hosting a noonday party for the sweetest of gal pals

what did you do this weekend?


Unknown said...

I love how much color is in your photos and your home. Looks like such a sweet weekend.

My husband and I went hiking and on a little road trip with our pup, and ate pumpkin ice cream and lots of coffee. :)

Unknown said...

I love your little packages for friends and neighbors! Putting together a sympathy care kit for an older friend, and looking through your site for ideas. Thank you.

Leah said...

Wow! You really know how to pack in a weekend.
I haggled my first vintage deal on Saturday. I feel empowered! Thrifting is addictive but wonderful. I going to try to make the Junk Ranch this week. If you see a haggard mom with three kids in tow, that will probably be me! I want to see if I can find some large glass jars for my flour, sugar and such. Maybe even score some used books for our ever growing library.

I love the rag strip banner. Do you have a tutorial on that posted yet?

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and LOVE IT!!!! I love your style, the way you repurpose things, all the great food ideas. I've enjoyed getting a small peek into your life on the farm.

Sara Lynn said...


Please, please share which brand of sandals you wear! They are lovely, I see you have them in many colors, and they seem like they would be the perfect comfort sandal for a teacher like me.

Thanks so much,


natalie said...

Sara, they're saltwater sandals!

Karen said...

Hi Natalie, I adore your colorful home and fun photos. SO inspiring to me! xo Karen

Dakota said...

Natalie, your just so cute! I have a big question!!! :) I always struggle with how to get dressed/ready for my day when I want to dress in happiness AND be ready to check the chicken coop or weed the garden WITHOUT changing my clothes each time I head outside! Please share some advice as you look like you handle this situation well! ;)

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