my not-so-glamorous tuesday

so i had this really great idea yesterday morning to blog about the not-so-glamorous parts of my life. 

the parts that include not wearing makeup (or brushing my hair for that matter) & heading into town for errands. note the rockstar sunglasses (from these awesome people) that make me look famous. 

but you see, these are the parts that make up most of my life.

i really like the crafty, pinterest-worthy pieces that make up my life, but there's a whole lot of grocery shopping, post office waiting, & mundane errand running pieces mixed in, too.

so today i thought i'd share a typical tuesday in my world.

i feel like the post office is my second home. because of you amazing people who support my shops, i get to see them at least twice a week. i know them all by name & we often have long conversations of "would you rather?" while they ship my bags of goodies. 

tuesdays also always include grocery shopping. aldi's is my place. these people are my people. good deals, good values, good people. i like that.

also, don't judge my grocery list. we eat lots of veggies. they just come from the garden. also, the junk? it's for a gift, i swear. yolo. 

sometimes in-between grocery store stops, i reward myself with a little thrifting. the magic above was found on tuesday. 

i also like to text my tribe photos of clothing for approval. this photo was for erin & it was something along the lines of, "i can finally wear shirts like this because my stomach is no longer bloated!"

did i tell you being gluten-free has changed my life?

20 lb. down, haaay!

after a little grocery store shopping & a bank run, i head home with a car full of goodies to put away. the rest of the day will include dinner prep, dirty dishes, farm chores & house cleaning tasks. most of it i won't get done & that's ok.

welcome to my not-so-glamorous tuesday. perhaps it looks a little bit like your days, too?

p.s. there are still a couple of spots left for the holiday craft party! join us for an evening of crafty goodness! more details right here. 


Rachel Harris said...

You look amazing!

Kelly said...

First of all skinny Minnie, you look great! Thx for sharing your day... And hoping you blog your thoughts on going gluten free... I'm always curious, but know no one that has taken that journey...

summerlily said...

Thanks for sharing your day! You look great! I'm half way through my Whole30 and have realized that Gluten is NOT my friend :)

Lea Lacoste said...

Hi Natalie :) I just wanted to thank you for sharing bits & pieces about your food/weight journey with real words and honesty. I gave up gluten and dairy over two months ago and it has most definitely changed my life.

Andrea said...

we don't buy it. You're still glamorous and all crafty and cute :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing your day. sometimes those posts are fun. also the fat free refried beans from aldi. yum-o we love aldi around here. love your blog thanks

Kerry said...

Your Tuesdays look like tons of fun! I'd go for Tuesdays like that any week. You're such a cutie. Love everything about this!! Happy week :)

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! How did you get started with whole30? Thank you, Peggy

Anna said...

This is great! I love hearing about the ordinary things and trying to appreciate the small, every day things in my life.

Jenny said...

What shop did you find the afghan? I live in nw AR as well & shop a few places in Fayetteville.

I sure wish I could do the craft day - I look forward to your blog post about it.

Erin said...

You look amazing! It's frustrating as a blog reader to watch people try and try to lose weight or to feel better when you're on the sidelines yelling "Ditch the gluten!" (but nobody hears you, of course.) Then, one day, they actually do it and the weight begins to melt off or the unexplained health issues begin to disappear one by one and you just want to do a big cheer!

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