pre-order a year in the garden: a planting calendar for the mid-south!

years ago when we were first getting our hands dirty & grew a modest little garden in the backyard at our friends' home, we planted different seeds at random, hoping for the best outcome. 

sometimes our little seeds germinated & oftentimes they didn't.

we learned so much that year & we ate well. 

most of all, we grew in our love for gardening & a passion was born out of that little garden.

seven years later, with a horticultural degree under our belt & a hobby farm (always) in-the-making, we've learned a thing or two. we've learned that you can't control the weather, but just like the seasons, our gardens are rhythmic & a well-worn planting calendar is useful.

we had a big dream of designing & creating a planting calendar that was beautiful & practical; useful & pretty. that big dream is in print & we're downright giddy about it!

if you haven't heard about our planting calendar already, it's designed to inspire & enable you to grow & harvest from your own garden. every page includes a seasonal farm life photo taken by me in addition to a month-at-a-glance formatted calendar. 

our planting calendar is printed on sturdy card stock & measures 6x9 in. with a matte finish. each calendar includes a metal clip for easy hanging (as pictured in the above photo).

we've even allowed space for you to write down garden notes & specific planting dates on the pages of your calendar. we invite you to fill up each page with notes & allow this calendar to be a resource for years to come!

this is my favorite & the most useful part of our calendar! at the bottom of each calendar page, you will find our "garden notes" or suggested crops to "seed & plant." on the left side under "seed," we've listed crops that should be directly sown during that month. on the right side of the page under "plant,"  you will find crops that should be transplanted into the garden.

this calendar was designed for the mid-southern united states (zones 6b-8a). not sure if you're in the mid-south region (zones 6b-8a)? check the above photo for U.S. zones map. if your area is in the green, you're within the targeted region for this calendar! hooray! 

my etsy shop will open on tuesday, november 11th, at 9am CST with our a year in the garden: a planting calendar for the mid-south. each calendar is $20 + s/h. we hope you'll pre-order a calendar & gift it to your loved ones & dear friends this holiday season!

let us know what you think of our calendars! we'd love to hear!


Leah said...
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Leah said...

I want one! Our raised beds were a colossal flop this year and I definitely need some expert advice.
Maybe I can hint around to my husband that I "need" one for a Christmas gift.

lisa valinsky said...

Love love love!

Can I ask if you're printing them yourself or using a printer?

I love what you and your husband are doing between your farm and all of your blogging and crafty projects. It's the coolest. My husband and I are planning to live in a tiny house starting next spring, and are debating starting a micro-farm. I'd love to talk to you about it sometime! (I know you're super busy, but maybe this winter?)

Stephanie said...

I absolutely love this. Kinda wish I lived in your zone and not zone 4. Still might get it because it's beautiful. I would snap it up if it was for other zones. Someday when you have endless (hahaha) you should create a multi-zone. :) Love your blog

Valentina M. said...

I love your calendar *-*
Greetings from Italy

Andrea @ The Long Way Home said...

I'm curious to know whether the back of each card is blank or are they double sided (February on the back of January, etc.)?

R Dhad said...

You need to make one for the rest of the world...I live in Surrey, BC, Canada! :)

natalie said...

Andrea, they are one sided so there are 13 cards total. Perfect for framing! :)

Colleen Mole-Garcia said...

I think its adorable! But I'm a yankee!!! Wahhh! Need one for Chicago...

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