whole 30 chicken salad recipe

i am in the trenches of my second round of whole30, y'all. 

what i lack in success, i make up for in laziness. i wrote the lazy gal's guide to whole30. 

today i am sharing my favorite go-to whole 30 lunch, inspired by my sweet mama who makes the best chicken salad on the block. this recipe is the absolute easiest & perfect for when the hangry hits you. also, it's delicious & affordable!

whole 30 compliant chicken salad recipe

serves 2 

- one small can of chicken (organic is ideal)
- 1/2 small apple, diced
- 10 or so grapes, halved
- 1/4 cup diced kosher dill pickles
- mustard to taste
- salt & pepper to taste

add chicken, apple, grapes & pickles to a large bowl. squirt a generous amount of mustard & mix until well combined. add salt & pepper to taste. serve in a bowl & enjoy as a quick lunch!

optional: you could also add diced boiled egg for extra protein & red onion for a pop of flavor.

i'd love to read your ideas for a quick whole30 lunch! please share!


Bethany said...

Use that same chicken and mash in an avocado, squeeze of mustard, green onion or finely diced red onion, and diced dill pickle. So good, eat straight up or wrapped in lettuce leaves. My fav lunch on the Whole30 (day28!)

Katie said...

I love roasting a big pan of sweet potatoes, loaded with herbs, and just reheating them at lunchtime.

There's a tahini dressing that I found that was so tasty for dipping! http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/2009/06/18/open-sesame/

Good luck! I hated feeling deprived during Whole 30, but now, a few months later, I'm itching to do another one :)

Anonymous said...

This sounds delicious! I am a big fan of chicken and tuna salads, but not a mayo eater and it seems like every receipe I see calls for globs of the white stuff. Can't wait to try this.

Lindsey said...

Thank you! This is just the sort of recipe I can actually handle planning/purchasing/making-on-a-week-night!

Heather said...

This post is so timely as I am starting up another Whole 30 "ish" tomorrow!
I say "ish" because I'm not going super strict but just making it more of a lasting lifestyle ;)

One of my favorite lunches is ground taco seasoned meat (beef, turkey, or chicken) in a romaine boat, topped with a bit of salsa! I always have some baby carrots on the side. super simple to brown up & season the meat on the weekend then eat it for lunch/snacks throughout the week.

Shelly said...

This looks great! Thanks for sharing your recipe! I really love chia seed pudding... 3 tablespoons chia seeds, 3/4 cup coconut milk, put in a jelly jar and shake. Let it sit in the fridge for 5 hours or overnight. Top with toasted (unsweetened) coconut, fresh fruit, and some chopped nuts for crunch. Another favorite is aidell's chicken apple sausage over shaved brussel sprouts with two fried eggs over all of that. SOOOO yummy!!! And perfect for after a hard workout (all that protein!)

Jonelle said...

I'm doing a wellness challenge through the CrossFit gym at my chiropractor's office, and the eating plan is Paleo-based. From my understanding it's similar to Whole 30? Anywho, I'm loving a kale salad with grannysmith apples, avocado, and honeymustard dressing (olive oil + honey + dijon in a mason jar and shake shake shake). It's simple and so delicious. Some walnuts on top would make it even more so.

Michele said...

I love a little curry chicken salad that has some of the same ingredients. Shredded chicken,grapes,grated carrot,celery,onion with a dollop of mayo,curry to taste + salt and pepper. Delicious and one of my faves.

Also,Cilantro Lime Chicken salad. Shredded chicken (works well with left over grilled chicken etc) a bit of onion,minced cilantro, lime juice (the more the better) a dollop of mayo and salt and pepper. Sooo good, and refreshing for summer. This is a go to fave for me.

Katie Sparrow said...

Sorry this is rubbishly unrelated to whole 30 but Natalie - that zig-zag ikat style table runner/whatever... it's heavenly. Please can I be annoying and ask where it's from? Thanks! x

natalie said...

Katie, I have no idea. I thrifted it. I'm so sorry!

joy williams said...

Hi Natalie!
I am so thankful for all that you share in your blog!
I have been so very inspired!
I also am in a tight budget, and I shop at Aldi's most weeks.
Do you find it tricky to stay in budget now that you are doing the real30? Did you have to increase your budget amount at all?-

I am very curious about this and would love any feedback.
I am very excited to hear more about your budgeting at the end of the month.

Lauren Branham said...

I LOVE to make a big pan of Shepard's Pie for dinner and reheat leftovers for lunch. I cook for two, but for dinners I try to make extra and stretch the leftovers for lunches. Crockpot soups are the best for lunch leftovers.

Elle said...

Oh my, all of that fresh, delicious goodness

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