loving lately list

yesterday i had my wisdom teeth removed. i'm living on pudding & popsicles, y'all. 

so instead of sharing the grotesque details of my war-torn mouth, i thought i'd share my loving lately list: a list of all things i am totally loving right now! yay!

1. wearing fake glasses. also take note: my heart to-go cup from my loving husband (he gets me).

2. twinkle lights everywhere... inspired by my dear friend, d'wana & her oh so cozy studio in the woods. 

3. rainbow tassel necklaces made by my lovely friend, hannah!! and part of the proceeds benefit a family in africa! i want one in every color, please. 

4. speaking of tassels, i just purchased this dress on mega sale. yay!

5. "our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy" - here

6. soaking up every page of "where'd you go, bernadette." love love love! 

7. making happy swag for february's whatever craft weekend. yay! 

8. freaking out over this gold polka dot door. yes, please! 

9. dreaming of spring & all of the colors & porch plants & chippy furniture & sunny warm days! thanks for the lovely scene, shannan

10. excited about THIS


Jess said...

You are so inspiring! Thanks for sharing through your blog and Instagram. I am getting so many decorating ideas from you; we are moving in a couple months and I can't wait to use twinkle lights and layers of colors and textures in our new space!

ali grace | cookies and grace said...

So many things!
First - I want one of those tassel necklaces. So cute!
Second - Tulips are the best flowers in the world.
Third - I read Where'd You Go, Bernadette last year with my book club and I adored it. A new fave!
Fourth - That super cute Anthro dress is now sold out. Tragic.

Heather said...

Natalie, your blog is my new favorite. I love reading what you share! :)

Katie said...

I love all the bright and cheery color that you always keep in your house. And all the light!

Unknown said...

Hi Natalie!

I just wanted to stop in and say how much your blog has encouraged and inspired me. Between struggles with paying off debt, making time to invest in my relationship with my husband, and DIYing my house to cuteness...I connect with you on so many levels girlfriend!

My hubs and I just moved into a new, beautiful but quirky, apartment and I've been struggling to make it feel like home. Your blog/insta has provided material for a lot of brainstorming sessions and I'm happy to say that I've branched out of my comfort zone with DIY/thrifted projects and it's really coming along!

I just found this website for free art printables and thought you might like it! Thanks for all the happy inspiration!



Heather said...

Lately I've been searching for a light source for a corner of our living room where we don't have space for a floor lamp. When I saw your twinkle lights, it inspired me. I put them up tonight and they look great! Thanks for the idea. :)

Unknown said...

Hello there Natalie,
I just wanted to say how much I look forward to your posts because you are stinking adorable, and you really have a genuine side to your blog that I really appreciate. Your life seems to have some real beauty, and you are such an inspiration.
Hope you havr a wonderful week,

hannah singer said...

oh my goodness. what a dreamy list!
thanks so much for including my necklaces, love you to the moon! xo

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