snow days & dreaming of spring colors

we finally experienced a little taste of winter with our very first snow day of the season!

it's been unseasonably warm here so with the promise of a few inches of snow, we immediately celebrated with pancakes & a walk in the wintry mix.

i used to dread winter & it's cold, dark days. in our first years of marriage, i very much suffered from seasonal depression. i still have my days, but once we moved onto the farm, my perspective drastically shifted.

i love the slow days of this season & having my farmer home more during the winter. this season allows us time to dig deep into other hobbies & interests. it's also a time to reconnect & enjoy long conversations by the wood burning stove. 

and of course, our animals are not the biggest fans of the snow. our hens would rather stay inside their toasty warm coop. the goats tend to linger in the barn for much longer than usual. little george, one of our sweet new bucks, is such a charmer. 

but with winter & it's promise of slower days, i am still drawn to the colors of spring. 

pictured above is "the skinny," a new thinner version of my classic reversible handmade headband!
my etsy shop reopens on thursday at 8am cst. i have been ordering & collecting fabric for months just for this shop update. as the landscapes grew more bare, my cart at the fabric store grew brighter! 

i love that as a creative, i can create & channel what's stirring within even if it's a reflection of what's to come, not what is. 

these last couple of months have been challenging as a business owner. i've gotten caught up in the detective role, seeking out copycats & allowing them to dim that inner light.

this shop opening was a response to that. i'm letting go & focusing just on my creative stirrings. i'm playing & sewing with bright colors & bringing in bits of glittery (in the form of the happiest gold elastic!) in my work.

i'm also dreaming of the spring garden. i am so very happy with my "spring bee" happy flag collection. i cannot wait to share it with you on thursday!
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 & as always, i am so incredibly thankful for those who purchase my goods & believe in my work. it's such an honor to see my customers adorning their homes with the work of my hands. it's a gift that will never wear out or grow old.

how are you doing today? what do your days look like during the wintertime? what is stirring your heart & inspiring you to create?

p.s. i'll see you on thursday, february 19th, at 8 am cst at my shop!


daila doss said...

I looove your new happy flag set! And also the headbands... I may need to finally get one. Glitter is MY love language. I have busted out my grade school prang water colors and started messing with that to add some color to my days. :)

Madelyn said...

I looove those bee happy flags!! So cute. I'm a springtime, sunshine-y girl so the wintery days are hard on me too. But with these last several days off of school (we got 4+ inches of snow and it's still coming down) I've been working on cutting and piecing my very first quilt in bright, happy colors to make up for the gray outside. :) Thanks for sharing Natalie. Best of luck with the shop reopening- I know it'll go so well! People love what you make!

Tashia said...

I'm loving the new headbands! So cute for spring and summer. Good stuff!

Heather said...

Love the bee flags, too!

I just made a bright yellow flowery valance for my kitchen window--it's going to be -25 tomorrow so I need to bring the warmth & sunshine in with bright colors. :)

Kelli said...

Such a fun post to read! I always love getting a peak I to your day...

Kerry said...

Just had to share... my kids love running around the house with your flags -- my five yr old said he wants some "boy color flags" : )

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