encouraging sisterhood + spring craft party recap

women often ask how i have formed such a tight knit tribe of beautiful, gifted friends. 

the answer is simple & yet quite difficult.

 answer: i make time for them.

the difficult part: i clear my schedule, set aside my to-do lists & love them even when it's inconvenient. 

this weekend, brandy of bella vita jewelry & i hosted a spring craft party in little rock, arkansas. 

it's an opportunity for women to come together & just be who they are - messy & creative.

among the crafting & good food, my hope is that they will come together & meet new people, form friendships & find those people that tick in the same way. 

this craft party was just that & so much more!

we enjoyed so much good food. cebe's cookies made custom mason jar craft cookies & loblolly creamery served gourmet ice cream sundaes! we munched on pretzels & chocolate while sipping mimosas. 

the girls were downright spoiled with amazing swag from some of our favorite makers.

a big hug & thank you to -

my absolute favorite part was the crafting. these girls formed an instant connection & by the end of the project they were sharing their stories, talking about faith & sharing insight on family.

it was just so good, y'all.

let's get honest. sometimes i wonder what the heck i am doing as a blogger, maker & influencer.

but at the end of the day, after leading a group of amazing women in an inspiring afternoon of making, i am left with a full heart. i am, above all else, encouraging community & sisterhood. 
what else can be more meaningful?


Adriane Heins said...

This is the beauty of the Christian understanding of vocation: that our Lord works through us to care for others! He uses us as His "masks," tending to the needs of our neighbors, those people He puts us in proximity to. It takes all the pressure of us. It relieves all our insecurities about not doing "enough." It disseminates all our pride and hubris.

Because at the end of the day, it is not about us. It's not about what we do or don't do. It's not about how hard we try or if it seems worth it or not.

It is about Him! It is about what HE does for those He loves. What joy!

Genevieve said...

Dear Natalie,

Occasionally you read words and they resonate. This part "I make time for them" has really given me reason to pause this morning.

Thanks as always, for all of your words.

Genevieve x

Erin said...

Natalie - your craft gatherings look fun! I also host Craft Club with 6 other girlfriends once a month and it's a blessing for all of us! We get to talk, vent, craft, eat and drink. Enjoy other women's' company without the normal distractions. It's important for women to set aside time for bonding and fun. What you're doing is a great thing :)

ali grace | cookies and grace said...

Oh, that looks like the most fun! I so wish you were a little closer to AL. :) But, yes, you are SO right that great friendships take time ad effort but it is so worth it. As women, we need that encouraging and inspiring community. You've got my wheels turning about how I could make something like this happen around me... We'll see!

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