my thoughts on jamberry nail wraps

today's conversation is dedicated to nail talk. grab yourself a cup of coffee & join me.

it's confession time.
i've become a nail art addict.

it all started when one of my gal pals walked into one of our weekly coffee dates with the cutest nails. i couldn't stop staring at her hands... it was getting awkward. 

of course, when i first heard of jamberry, i laughed. i mean, WHO would do that?! stickers for your nails. weird.

never say never, my friends. 

we had a bit of a conversation about her nails & before i knew it, i was at my sweet friend's home for her jamberry party. we spent the evening eating cookies, sipping on drinks & giving ourselves fun little manicures. love at first application, y'all.

friends, it's like a burst of tiny rainbow color on your fingertips! 

plus, jamberry is straight up tough. that was honestly the selling point for me. i even did a little test - i took photos of my nails every week. after three weeks of gardening work, renovating our church, scrubbing dishes & simply living life - my nails still looked decent & even cute. 

right then & there, i became a jamberry believer.

you won't find me selling jamberry anytime soon. it's a hobby & something i simply love doing to feel pretty. when i find something i love so much, i just like sharing it. 

i did recently host a jamberry party for my local gals & wanted to share my party here (you can click the link, choose my party & purchase a wrap to try it out if you'd like! just a heads up - each wrap is $15 & equals two full manicures & two full pedicures.).

through my recent nail obsession, i've also found my favorite line of nail polish:

sinful colors by walgreens dries quickly, applies evenly, chips less often & costs less than two bucks a bottle. cheap! i apply it to my accent nails along with my jamberry for a fun quirky look.


if you have never applied jamberry,  it can feel daunting but it's honestly so easy. here's a great tutorial on applying jamberry (instead of using a heater, just use your blowdryer!). i'd also recommend the plastic bag trick as shown here.  

what are some of your favorite beauty practices for making you feel pretty?

p.s. just as a heads up - i get zero money for this recommendation of jamberry; these are my own thoughts & opinions. if you do decide to purchase some jamberry nail wraps from my link, i do get credit toward free wraps. xo.


Natalie @ Being Mrs. Olson said...

I can't wait to try these out, but I have one problem. I have to buy a blowdryer! My friends are making fun of me. But I can't fathom buying a blowdryer JUST for my nails... Also, I LOVE Sinful Colors. I wrote a review on it a while back. Definitely agree!

natalie said...

Natalie, you should just buy the heater! It's $20 & amazing for craft projects!!! :)

Laura said...

I was wondering what kind of flowers are in the first picture. Thanks!

Liss said...

I love my jamberry nails, too! A ridiculous portion of my "self-care" budget has been going towards them since June.

Sian said...

I've never been a nail girl. I mess them up too quick. But yours look fantastic!

Ali Grace Eiland said...

Kind of unrelated, but where did you get that adorable black and white dress/top in the first picture? I LOVE it!!

Beth said...

Natalie @ Being Mrs. Olson:
I got my blow dryer at a yard sale for $3!

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