in the garden - may 2015

the garden is a huge part of our home life during the spring, summer & fall months. we provide vegetables, herbs, flowers & eggs to a small group of families during the summer months so most of our day is spent weeding, watering, planting & harvesting in the garden.

during the spring & summer months, in celebration of gardening, i am going to share a garden overview of what our garden looks like along with what we plan to plant throughout the month! 

the garden - may 2015

we are eating fresh salads every evening. spinach, lettuce, kale & radishes are bountiful! 

the onions are coming in nicely. we're excited to replenish our pantry with this staple. 

we anxiously await cabbage & broccoli from the garden! this might be our best crop yet (we covered the plants with row cover until they were nice & strong to prevent pest problems early on)!

we are enjoying sautéed garlicky swiss chard for dinner! the sugar snaps are slowly growing & soon we'll have fresh peas for snack time. 

we also just finished planting all of our flowers for the season! the garden is going to be so colorful! 

what does your garden look like in may? please share!

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Angela Davis said...

Your garden is beautiful and so inspiring! I am in the midst of planting my garden, I have 20 tomato plants and I'm trying to figure out how to make plant them without breaking the bank buying tomato cages, any ideas? Also, I planted cabbage last year and it was devoured by psycho white moths. What do you use to protect your cabbage? Thanks again for sharing, I look forward to each one of your blog posts! :)

Misti said...

Your garden is gorgeous! Mine is currently overgrown. There's only so much I can tackle right now and my focus is on the flower beds.

Christi said...

Your garden is gorgeous!!!

Our garden is looking rather blah this year… for the first time in several years it looks as though we won't have a garden. We haven't had time to do our planting.

Crystal said...

I second Angela, your garden is so lovely and inspiring! I'm a Chicago girl with a small-town (Michigan) heart and I've been dabbling with a small garden for a couple of years. Can you share some tips about how your harvest your greens? Do they regrow? Do ever you harvest and store or just eat the same day? I'd love some tips on storage. Fresh greens from the garden are ah-mazing, but I also have to rely on the farmers market for enough greens and I'm not sure the best way to store so I never buy enough to get me through to the next week (and end up with grocery store greens after all that anyway!). And since we're in zone 5, my grandfather (who passed it on to my mom) always said don't plant before Memorial my garden this year is still all in my head, and heart, and dreams!

Amanda - Small Home Big Start said...

Lovely! I'm so excited to see what you're growing. My husband and I just bought our first home, a 1903 farmhouse in rural Ontario on about an acre of land. We're working on the house this year, but I can't wait to start thinking about gardens, animals and such!

MelindaCasey said...

It's still early in e season in NJ so I have the beginning of several greens sprouting up and some decent looking tomatoes and peppers started inside. This years challenge will be keeping the chickens from eating everything. Do you plant anything specifically for your chickens?

Anonymous said...

I'm going small this year since I'm in an apartment. My AMAZING boyfriend but me a three tiered planter and in it I have garlic and shallots on the bottom, radishes in the middle, and flowers on the top. It sits under my kitchen window, so it's nice to see the flowers as I look out. I bought two mid-size plastic tubs, drilled holes in the botto, and planted a tomato plant in one and four bean plants and two small rows of carrots in the other.

So far, I've kept it all alive, which isn't always the case with me, I'm afraid to say. This is the first year that I've really felt confident with this whole growing thing!

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