may: currently


currently, we are:

+ harvesting baskets full of lettuce, radishes, beets, turnips, spinach, arugula & more from the garden
+ admiring our first farm fresh flower bouquet of the season 
+ learning a lot from our may spending freeze
+ enjoying the sight of baby bunnies in the pasture
+ savoring dinnertime on the patio
+ reading our favorite books late into the night
+ picking peonies from my mother-in-law's garden
+ making packing lists & preparing for our summer adventure throughout europe (!!!)
 + working long hours in the studio (n) & working long hours at the farm (l)
+ snacking on my new favorite - gluten free pretzels from aldi's 
+ bbqing with friends on the weekends
+ waking up early for a good run before the day starts
+ spending more hours out than in

what are you currently doing? please share!


Anonymous said...

Please share with us all of the details of your trip!! And also, how is a farmer able to vacation in the summertime?

natalie said...

It's taken a year of planning! And a village to take care of things while we're away!

Jessica said...

Love today's pics! So fresh and inspiring! Best wishes on your Summer adventure!!

Beth said...

Morning runs are the best! With the brighter mornings in the summer it's so much easier! I'm currently enjoying the sound of birds through open windows, something so simple, but is so missed in the winter months. Love the bright photos of today's post! You've got a gift!

Anonymous said...

Currently I am trying to find balance of work/fun/parenting/exercising/home renos and home cleaning...some days managing successfully, other days utter failure. BUT it is sunny until after 8pm so I have that much more day to enjoy. Can't complain :)

Amanda David said...

Hi Natalie - I love the content of your blog. Beautiful pictures and so full of color. Your posts always cheer me up.
What blogs do you follow? I am running out of your archives to read!

freefalling said...

Really lovely photos.
I especially love the shot of the radishes (or are they baby beets?).

Skapt said...

Yep, definately spending more and more time outside! I would LOVE to have baby bunnies in my garden. Hello! *insert heart eyes emoji*. Sounds like you are having a really fun May!

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