our spring front porch + registration opens TOMORROW!

don't forget! registration opens TOMORROW for the canning & preserving workshop on our farm! see here for more exciting details!! 

we have a friend who jokes that money & nature are his love languages. forget quality time & physical touch, he wants dollar bills & a hiking trail.

i get that. 

because if i'm being real, happy porches are my love language. 

when i spot a good porch, i often slow down, backing up traffic, in an effort to take a few mental notes. chippy furniture, pretty wreaths, planters overflowing with flowers, ferns & cute welcome mats are indeed my drug of choice.

tell me i'm not the only one. 

so when i was at ikea last month & spotted these galvanized pots (for about $25 each, i believe), i danced in the aisles. i snatched up some pretty flowers from the nursery & a new spring porch was born!

paired with a happy metal initial (purchased at a craft fair last year), our new porch planters are my favorite!

& of course, in true natalie creates fashion, i couldn't help but add a sweet little salvaged shutter & chippy chair to the mix! 

up next on the to-do list - paint that trim!

do you love decorating your porch for the different seasons? please share your fun ideas with us!

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Bethany said...

I'm determined to make my porch look better! Mine needs some love!

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