in the garden - june 2015

if you're new around these parts, this is my series, "in the garden." during the spring & summer months, in celebration of gardening, i am going to share a garden overview of what our garden looks like along with what we plan to plant throughout the month!

may was rainy. in fact, it was one of the rainiest months on record, which our plants loved & our weeds loved even more.

in the garden - june 2015

i cannot believe how much difference one month can make in the garden! see the may garden here

our garden is filled with bushy lemon balm, zinnias & many more flowers in bloom! 

last year a late frost got our hydrangeas so we were without hydrangeas all summer long. it's so nice to have these beauties in the garden providing huge pops of color! 

our potatoes are very impressive. this might be our best harvest yet! we plan to harvest & store our potatoes before leaving for europe.

our bushy tomato plants are flowering & looking promising. we cannot wait to come home to juicy, ripe tomatoes!

we're also harvesting large baskets full of sugar snap peas. i plan to pickle a few jars of sugar snaps this week. my recipe is here.

we're also harvesting large heads of broccoli, chinese cabbage & red cabbage! luke made kimchi on sunday & this evening we plan to freeze bags full of broccoli for the winter months. 

other garden news:

+ our onions were hit hard by the unusual amount of rain & left diseased. we can still eat the onions fresh, but we're disappointed that we won't be able to store any this year.

+ we plan to harvest all of our root crops this week & plant eggplant & bell peppers in their place. i am hopeful for a good eggplant harvest this year! we love eggplant parmesan on late summer evenings.

+ we are working furiously to prepare for our farm guests during the month of june. it's quite challenging to prepare our hearts & minds for leaving the farm during such a busy growing season, but we're thankful for our village that is making this happen for us!

what is happening in your garden? please share!

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Melodie said...

Awww Natalie i adore these posts about your garden but they also make me sooooo jealous!! Can't stop dreaming about having my own someday! :)
Thank you for sharing these lovely photos of your home!

Katie said...

Pickled sugar snaps?? My heart just skipped a beat. Also, I'd love to hear what recipe you guys use for the kimchi. I love all things pickled!

Your garden is so lovely and, as always, inspiring. We're dealing with a crazy amount of pests this year - slugs, which we always have, and rabbits, which haven't been an issue before.

So hope you guys have a great time in Europe!

1pureheart said...

How do you get the large heads of broccoli? Do you prune them? I only get small heads on my plant.

Anonymous said...

I just finished my first round of radishes and I have the second round growing now. I should be able to get this one in before it gets too hot. I'll put in another in late September for a fall harvest. I picked some green beans this weekend and there are so many more flowers and baby beans on the plants, that I'll have fresh beans for weeks! This is the first time I've planted green beans,and I'm really happy with how easy they are to grow!

I've had a horrible aphid problem this year. How do you handle it?

Linda said...

Do you have a gardening calendar that covers Idaho?
Thank you so much!
Linda Hads

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