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you guys are in for a treat today! when i think of the word "adventurer," i think of my amazing friend, megan of meganmodderman. she inspires me to slow down & savor life one moment & just pick up & GO the next. i consider it a gift to call her friend.

please welcome megan...

"oh darling, let's be adventurers."
we love to quote it, wear it on a t-shirt, hang it on our walls. but are they just nice words? an idyllic idea? something always put off until tomorrow? for me, they aren't! i've made seeking adventure, exploring & memory-making a big priority in my life.

you see, i have always carried around a strong case of wanderlust. i've dreamed of african savannah, and the colors of india and tastes of italy since i was a young girl. getting lost in the woods, up on the sand dunes, in a new city sounds fabulous to me. think of all the new things i'd see!

my wanderlust is driven by my endless curiosity. i wonder about differences in geography and societies. i want to soak up other cultures like a sponge. to become a person of depth. to grow by overcoming uneasy or fearful situations. to emerge filled with greater gratitude for LIFE.

want to chase after your wanderlust dreams? start by making it a priority. do instead of dream. set a goal. make a plan. set aside funds. i promise the waiting and the hustle are worth it.
also, seeking adventure doesn't have to involve hopping on a plane. maybe just plan on exploring someplace new near or far once a year, once a month, and once a week. that big city the next state over. that state park you've never been to. that restaurant you've been meaning to try.

image & quote by @dallasclayton
so, what are you waiting for? go inhabit your life more fully. go soak every last drop out of the 24 hours you've been given.

thanks so much, megan!
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