a day with oliver

my precious nephew & his sweet momma are starting a new chapter in our little town. it's already such a gift to have them so close! this weekend my momma came up & on saturday we picked up oliver for a little date.

we went out for donuts & then came back to the farm for a bit of exploring.

we walked throughout the garden & he picked out flowers. he pointed to them, i cut the stems & we placed them in a jar together.

back inside, we played with toy tractors & drew with colored pencils. i wrote "Oliver Loves Mom!" on his doodles & cut it into a small tag for his mom's bouquet of flowers.

he dug through the fabric scraps & picked out his favorite to make fabric ribbon.

such a simple little project with such a special little guy!

what are other fun & inexpensive activities to do with littles? we cannot wait to have weekly dates with him!



Bronwyn said...

Cute as a button! What a perfect day with your nephew. Lots more to come, I hope for you!!

CaSandra said...

Hooray for giving Oliver's sweet Mama a break! The greatest gift someone can give our kids is the gift of TIME! Of course Pinterest has all of the cool ideas; here's a board of activities that I have saved for our littles - lots of simple learning and sensory play!


Ali @ Anything You Want said...

I took my cousin to the pool last week and it was so much fun! Little kids just can't get enough of jumping into a pool. Its really sweet to see how much pleasure kids take in the really simple (and cheap!) things in life.

Madeline Hall said...

I love these photos! And your blog has such an adorable layout and design! I'm so glad I found you ; )


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