ring by the mosaic butterfly, cuff by mountain girl melodies, paper beads by noonday collection 

+ anxiously awaiting the start of roots festival - our favorite fayetteville music festival full of all things folk & food

+ loving the cooler weather but mourning the loss of summer

+ dreaming big & choosing fabrics for the winter natalie creates collection of headbands & happy flags. so many fun collaborations & surprises!

+ eating lots of salads (this one is a new favorite!) & getting serious about #nataliegetsfit

+ canning tomatoes like it's my job

+ soaking up as much pool time as possible before we close the swimming hole for the season!

+ reading for the love & wanting to bottle up every single word. 

+ reminding myself to simply breathe.

what are you currently doing/savoring/reading/enjoying?


Hannah Marshall said...

Within the last couple months I have completely changes my lifestyle (health wise). My husband and I have chosen to eat Paleo and I made a workout/weight training schedule (5 days a week). You should check it out! I have lost 35.5 pounds! I feel wonderful and love going to the gym now and eating so clean.

PS I look for a new post everyday! You are so encouraging. Thank you for all you do :)

Katie @ Stress and Stars said...

Currently rocketing through Amber Haines' Wild in the Hollow. I received it for free when I won a giveaway in a blog linkup I'm participating in called #wholemama. And when I say I'm 'rocketing' through it, I mean I picked it up at 7 last night and had to tear myself away with less than 100 pages to go when I knew I had to go to sleep or I'd drag today.

It's a memoir on Amber's sort of continual search for the Next Thing That Will Make It All Okay, and how there isn't really any Next Thing, it all runs together into God. It's a really good book! Not one I would have thought of myself, really, but two writers I really admire pushed it and so I'm so glad I won a copy!

Jayme said...

For the Love is on my nightstand to read and also Simply Tuesday :) I can't wait to dive into both of them!

Jenny K said...

Hey Natalie! I've been following your blog since I first heard you on the Elise Gets Crafty podcast. Love the sunshine you bring into the world.
Currently reading "The Dirty Life", but think that Jen Hatmaker's book is next because you are the 3rd person I have seen reference her book today.
Love your blog and Instafeed, you brighten the world!

Becca Groves said...

I'm searching around looking for pretty word art to decorate my home and am having trouble. I wondered if you'd ever write a post on your favorite 5-10 places to look for the cute prints you find and put in frames, or by your coffee or on clip boards or use as little 12-month seems to me you have found them all :) Wondered if you have favorite artists and sites to pass along.


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