a delicious autumn-inspired crockpot pot roast

friends, this week's been so good. yesterday's shop opening was a big success (thank you, dear customers!) & we're finally finding our new rhythm after quite a busy summer.

i am packing up today & leaving this afternoon for a weekend with family. momma & i are headed to a junkin' festival & then celebrating with some of our dearest as they welcome new babies into their homes. 

before i leave town, i thought i'd share one of my new favorite recipes with you. 

maybe i should make this a thing? friday favorite recipe or something along those lines? my people, let me know what you think.

it's a simple & easy crockpot recipe that's sure to please the whole family. pork roast with apples, carrot & rosemary. you can find the recipe here. 

let me know if you make it! xo.

p.s. i pin all of my favorite recipes here. follow along if you're a pinterest fan! 


Angela Davis said...

this looks deelish!!! i love the idea of sharing a favorite recipe each week! i think i saw on instagram, you had shared yogurt and blueberries for breakfast since then, i've been eating that almost every morning! thanks! :)

SarahElizabethH said...

This looks so yummy! I hadn't thought of adding apples to pot roast. I bet it was amazing. Totally putting this on my list to make this fall!

Lindsay said...

This makes me hungry just looking at it! I think a weekly favorite recipe post would be wonderful - especially ones involving the crock pot now that the weather is cooling down.

http://deezie-sunshinedeezines.blogspot.com/ said...

Looks amazing! I love using my crock pot* especially in the summer when its too hot to cook. Enjoy your Yummy meal


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