pickling party at euna mae's recap

this weekend was so much fun! i spent my saturday at euna mae's teaching three full classes of amazing ladies how to quick pickle cucumbers! 
i would have never imagined i would have the honor of calling this my life's work. i love connecting with my sweet readers & spending the day sharing my passions with them. it's such a gift that i will never take for granted!

amy of euna mae's was such an amazing hostess! she radiates hospitality & light. she opened up her shop kitchen & prepared for us a beautiful tabletop of sweet treats. every detail was just so dreamy.

the gals then spent time in euna mae's shopping until they dropped! y'all her english china & american made jadeite are drool-worthy. i just can't.

euna mae's, thank you for such a wonderful pickling party!

& of course, big hugs to stephanie of fancy that design house for gifting each gal one of her rise & shine rooster prints. i framed & hung mine in my kitchen! it's just the cutest!

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