flourish: a women's gathering to inspire in northwest arkansas

friends, i am so excited to share something so wonderful for our little pocket of the world!

often i am asked how i got started in this gig of mine. some days it feels like magic got me here & other days i'm certain it's making one brave step after the other.

whether we are made to write a book, paint a painting, record a song, own a business, manage the duties of the home, love our babies, capture a moment in film or simply set aside time each day to seek beauty, we require creativity to really live out our best. 

not only do we require creativity, but we long for good people, a community & a tribe to create alongside.

friends, i am inviting you to flourish: a women's gathering to inspire in fayetteville, arkansas on january 16th!
our hope is that we create a gathering that inspires you to make time for creativity in the new year. our wish is to cultivate community among the creative-seekers & gift you tangible tools to live out your inspired lives.

i am teaming up with my dear friend, jerusalem greer, author of a homemade year. jerusalem is authentic, inspiring & so kind... she is a balm to the creative soul. 

together we plan to share our thoughts on creativity, building up women & flourishing in a busy world. we will then set aside time for crafting wreaths for our home - an everyday reminder to create within our spaces. you do not have to be a master crafter or creative to join us. simply come as you are. 

dear ones, my heart just wants to pop thinking about it!

here are the details:

+ flourish with natalie creates & jerusalem greer is on january 16th, 2016!
+ our gathering space is vintage fellowship in fayetteville, arkansas
+ the fun will start at 9 am & end around noon.
+ with a larger space, we are able to accommodate up to 60 women! yay!
+ registration is $50 per person & includes supplies to complete a homemade wreath. our hope is that keeping registration low means more women can join us!
+ your registration also includes delicious snacks & a coffee bar!
+ a mini market including a handful of our favorite makers/businesses will be there to showcase their goods!
+ a swag bag will be included for each gal in attendance. 

registration opens at 9 am cst on november 17th! to reserve a spot, simply visit my etsy shop where i will include a listing for our flourish gathering on the registration date.

friends, we simply cannot think of a better gift to give yourself in the new year! ask for a seat to our gathering for christmas or gift these few hours to yourself. we hope to inspire you to make time for you & your creative pursuits in 2016!


panamamama said...

So fun! I ordered some of her calendars for the garden for Christmas gifts!

Jenny K said...

Natalie, you are doing something amazing! The way you connect women and celebrate life is contagious. I'm cheering you on from California and hoping that one day my path my lead to AR so I can attend one of your awesome events.

Allyn said...

YAY! This is so exciting! I need some inspiration in my life. I often don't feel very creative...I'm not very crafty (but wish I could be...), and I'm not sure how to get my juices flowing or even figure out what flavor my creative juices *are*. Great opportunity. I'll try to get some friends to go with me!

Katie Sparrow / a touch of domesticity said...

According to google maps it will take me 12hrs and 45mins to get to Fayetteville. Hmmm. Perhaps living in the north of England is a little too far away?! Wish I could come though. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Please, please offer this again in spring or summer. I will be coming from out-of-state and the weather is simply too
unpredictable in January.
Thanks a bushel!

Jenny said...

Natalie I have the registration date set on my calendar to sign up! I assume there will be clearer directions on how to do that when the time comes?

Just an afterthought- will there be a bad weather policy in case of snow or ice? I'll be coming from northwest Benton county.

Maria Fikaris said...


Where did you get your Drink Coffee and Make Pretty Things mug?

Jenny said...

Is this sold out?

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