from a coat closet to a pantry: our pantry remodel!

by american standards, our home is small. every square inch of space in our house is well-loved & utilized. 

our guest room closet houses framed art, candles, seasonal decor & more. our linen closet holds beach towels & extra toiletries. our doors serve double-duty with hangers for our robes & shoe organizers repurposed into extra storage for cleaning products. 

as with all small homes, sometimes you must sacrifices. my people, i have lived without a proper pantry for almost three years!

after years of storing our food in a makeshift pantry,  i decided enough was enough.

 when i noticed that our coat closet wasn't serving it's purpose & was just a few steps from our kitchen, my pantry remodel idea was born! with a bit of convincing, luke helped me convert our pitiful coat closet into a bright & cheery pantry!

today i thought i'd share a little tour of our small but functional space!

i painted the walls a fun seafoam green color (i wish i could remember the exact name, but it's by valspar!) & used clean white accents along with woven baskets. we cut a piece of white wood & used simple brackets to make shelves. 

i grabbed the potato & onion rack from tj maxx along with our woven baskets. i tied labeled kraft tags with twine to each bin & basket for easy organization.

the over-the-door rack was purchased here & holds our spices, canned goods & jars of beans/grains.

the white bins were purchased at walmart for less than $1 each. the plastic bins are wipeable & keep everything well organized. i labeled kraft stickers & placed them on each bin. 


 i love this simple & functional space!

i hope this inspires you to think outside of the box when organizing your home... sometimes your coat closet might just make the perfect pantry!

do you have fun tips for organizing your pantry? please share!


Jenny said...


My little house (1200 sq ft) doesn't have a pantry either but I am so blessed with an over abundance of cabinets & counter space. I've never really missed it except when I see how pretty they look on Pinterest! ;) said...

I love the colors you chose, the white with the seafoam is just so pretty. We did the exact same thing, we took our coat closet right off the kitchen and made it a pantry. I love it. I adore the baskets and bins you used.
have a great day*

Anonymous said...

can you give me more information about the bins you used. What department at Wal-Mart did you find them in? What are they supposed to be for? I have been looking for bins for my pantry and haven't been able to find anything affordable. Thanks!

Luna Beehive said...

I turned an old water heater closet into a pantry after i had a tankless water heater installed in the attic. It's hard to imagine the days before a pantry! haha

Love your home!

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